Thursday, February 16, 2017

Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Four Kids 24 Years After Killing His Wife

A Michigan man who bound and tortured his wife, then killed his two young children and two teen stepchildren has pleaded guilty.

Gregory Green, who spent 16 years in prison for killing his pregnant first wife, admitted to the September 2016 slayings after being ruled competent to stand trial.

“He wanted to get it over with,” defense attorney Charles Longstreet II told reporters.

Green’s biological children, 5-year-old Koi Green and 4-year-old Kaleigh Green, died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Authorities say Green left them in a car with the engine running.

His stepchildren -- Chadney Allen, 19, and Kara Allen, 17 -- were fatally shot in front of their mother, Faith Green.

Faith Green was slashed across the face with a box cutter, shot in the foot and tied up, but survived.

According to prosecutors, Green called 911 early morning on Sept. 28 and admitted to killing his family. When police arrived, he was waiting on the porch and immediately taken into custody.

When police entered the home, discovered Faith tied up in the basement, the bodies of the two children in the bed, and the teens fatally shot near their mother. They had been shot execution style.

Police have said the bloodshed apparently stemmed from domestic violence.

Sentencing for Gregory Green is scheduled for March 1. He will serve two mandatory years, followed by 45 to 100 years in prison. He will be 97 before being eligible for parole, according to prosecutors.

A judge rejected a personal protection order for Faith Green in 2013. She had also previously filed for divorce.

Gregory Green and Faith Green married two years after he left prison on his fifth request for parole.


Tricia13 said...

Pure evil. Sickening.....special place in hell for you POS

Tricia13 said...


Sd auntie said...

Eligible for parole?? How about eligible for death. Scum

Velma said...

Women need protection from these type of guys. Domestic violence kills many women all over the world every year. And to murder the children too. What a scumbag.

david said...

Sad to read this.
Just another man who thinks forcibly controlling women is is right.

information desk said...

System failing women by not taking restraining order requests seriously
Just talk it out you 2 and stop making your man so upset
Always the woman's fault eh

GoTrollUrSelf said...

Nice prison-orange collar pop, fuckwit.
This is Michigan - so no public hangings or firing squads. Sad

RenShaw said...

This monster's picture should be in the books that describes family annihilators. His eligibility for parole is a joke. "A judge rejected a personal protection order for Faith Green in 2013." I had to look this up, I was confused as to how is it that a man kills his first wife and denies the second an order of protection. The system is broken starting with giving him only 16 years for killing your pregnant wife. People have served more for attempted homicide.

texasrose said...

Despite the obvious stupidity of not issuing protective order I really don't think it would have stopped this monster.

Gray Flannel said...

Why did the 2nd woman marry him knowing he murdered his pregnant 1st wife?!?! And why have children with him - JFC.

We need tougher domestic violence laws in the US. He never should have gotten out of prison.

texasrose said...

He looks like a real charmer. There will always be someone desperate enough to hook up with another as long as they are breathing.

Elissa said...

My question, as well! Not to victim-blame, but if you marry a man who murdered his former wife, and subject your own children to his temper, their deaths are partially your fault.
Those poor kids, having no one to really protect them.

Elissa said...

^ That was to Gray Flannel; I really wish Enty would fix the damned reply glitch.

OKay said...

Like a restraining order would have stopped him. It is literally just a piece of paper.

Why? said...

I was waiting for it. The victim blaming. I love when people write or say "not to victim blame, but". Really, you have no clue on the situation, but that doesn't stop you for blaming a murder victims for her death and the deaths of her children.
Blame the murderer instead!

Shiba said...

But, disgusting to read that an order of personal protection had been "refused."



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