Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Your Turn

Celebrity couple you think is next in line to split. If you don't want to be anti today, then, two celebrities you wish were a couple.


sandybrook said...

Split--gwen and Blake
Together me and JLaw ?

mariaj said...

Tom Hanks - Rita Wilson

Julia Roberts- Danny Moder ( if i remember well)

Kerry Washington and husband

Chris Hemsworth and wife

Channing Tatum and wife

( not necessarly in this order. i just think these couples will spliti within this year or the next )

mariaj said...

Oh, i forgot

Gwen S and Blake, yes

Tricia13 said...

According to you Enty all of them:(
But I'll go with The Beckhams.
Couple together--Brad Pitt/Diane Lane but don't see it happening:(

jack said...

Posh n Beckham

AyyyPapi said...

Real or not I imagine The Weeknd and Selena will be a short term thing.

A list - Maybe the Beckhams?

austin said...

I really don't know what to think about this couple. but because of all the rumors that persist - Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner.

GoTrollUrSelf said...

Harry and his tryhard wannabe princess
Rob & Blac
Couple I'd like to see together: TayTay & St Ang, Clash of the Titans

AndrewBW said...

Split -- Kim and Kanye

Together -- Sandra Bullock and me

david said...

Split: Anyone else
Stay together: me and my wife.

Liz said...

Together - ScarJo and Chris Evans

Alex said...

The Beckhams
The Dornans
Harry and his wanna-be princess
George and Rande (once the wife has the twins, she's going to make it very hard for them to go on romantic "tequila" vacations)

Wish to together:

Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton (just think of the hot mess this would be and all the blinds we could get out of that)

dutch said...

I want Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donell to fall madly in lust and get married.

Camal19 said...

#1 - Blake and Gwen
#2 - The Beckhams
#3 - Elsa and Thor
#4 - Chanum and Jenna

AndrewBW said...

@dutch I would pay cash money to see that.

CheeseFries said...

Sophia V and Joe M
Gwen and Blake

Alistdiva said...

Jenna isn't leaving Charming Potato anytime soon! She will be prego again before they split! I think either the Beckham's or Julia Roberts and her husband! Together- me and Ryan Gosling or Glenn Powell, hubba hubba!!! :)

Former CNN Anchor Candy Crawley said...

I wish Don Lemon and Rachael Maddow were a couple. Everyone loves a classic bedroom farce

Sarah said...

Together-Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling

Hot Cola said...

John Tavolta / Kelly Preston
Shell leave him just as soon as shell figure out a payoff big enough for it to herself.
You go! Girl

Dannette said...

Bey will leave Jay to go full time earthling mother.

Would like to see Ginge and RiRi.

information desk said...

Megan see me sparkle and all heart Harry
Julia Roberts and her man have the same stay married live separately arraignment as Kerry Washington

inga said...

together: tay-tay & ed hobbit; he's the only one adult person who genuinely thinks she's smart & talented...

Hothotheat said...

The Kidman-Urbans.

Syvyn11 said...

Going WAY off the board... Mariska and her hubby.

Together- Taylor and Karlie (FINALLY)

stacey said...

So would I!

Mildly Amused said...

Cumberbatch and the albatross he's married to.

Gypsy Trill said...

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Donald and Melania
Jessica Alba and hubbie
ScarJo and Whoever
Vergara and hubbie
Donald and Ivanka
Tom Brady and Giselle
Donald and Vlad

Calisto said...

Next to split? The couple in the blind item about not believing the husband's hype of a happy family and the wife wanting to stay married for the lifestyle and to get a talk show. ;)

Calisto said...

I mean, they've already "split" (separated), but this would be the official, public splitting.


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