Sunday, March 05, 2017

Indiana Woman Found Dead After Dropping Off Her Pets With Relative

Police say they do not suspect "foul play" in the death of Jackie Watts, 33, who was found dead Saturday morning on a sandbar in the Flat Rock River west of Columbus, Indiana.

Jackie Watts was reported missing by her family on Friday, March 3. Officers say her vehicle was left running with the flashers turned on. Jackie's sister-in-law, Jen Barrie, posted on Facebook that her purse and cell phone were inside with the passenger side door open.

Barrie, Watts' sister-in-law, also wrote on her Facebook page that Watts was in Columbus on Friday to drop off her dogs at her in-laws and her pet rabbit at her parent's house, then meet her husband to go to the Indianapolis International Airport to fly to Washington, D.C. to visit Barrie and her husband, but Watts never showed up to meet her husband.

A search immediately began for Watts in the area where her car had been found. Police say officers discovered her body around 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning in the Flat Rock River not far from where her vehicle was parked. During a press conference Saturday morning, Lt. Harris said there was a death investigation, but did not elaborate at the time how Watts may have died or gave any indication whether her death may have been a homicide.



DUH said...

Why in the he** are these types of stories on CDAN. Stop it, Enty. This is supposed to be about celebrities...not murder/crime/death mysteries.

just sayin' said...

it's his website, he's entitled to run the stories he wants. people are as fascinated with mysterious deaths as they are celebrities, hence dateline, 20/20 etc.

Sd auntie said...

Husband needs to be looked at

Boredtechindenver said...

just read that she died trying to rescue a small dog that also died. No more details as of 1:40 EST.

Boredtechindenver said...

From "The Republic" (newspaper in Columbus, OH):

A statement from her family said she gave her life for what she believed in. Excerpts from the statement include:

“At a young age, Jackie developed a love for animals. To say that this was Jackie’s passion would be an understatement.”
“She cared deeply about the well-being of animals. If she believed she could help an animal in need she was going to do so without hesitation. We know Jackie gave her life for what she believed in.”
Police released new details about the death investigation at a noon press conference.

qwerty said...

+1 DUH.

JustReading said...

Hortensia said...

Really sad. Let the animal go. There was a woman in my area who died last year while dog sitting. The dog ran onto the ice of a river, and the woman got scared, and went after the dog. The dog was okay; the woman was swept under the ice on the river, and died. Let the animals die. Do not risk your life.


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