Monday, October 30, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 15, 2014

It turns out there is another actor who has made himself unwelcome at certain hotels and spas. Much like John Travolta, this actor is also closeted and also enjoys the touch of male masseurs. Our actor is an Academy Award winner and is one of the better actors of the past two decades. He can easily move between movies, and the stage and that almost television thing. Apparently on a recent trip to Santa Barbara he stayed at Bacara which is an extremely nice resort on the beach. After his most recent visit where he succeeded in his quest for relief from a male masseur with the promise of a very large tip he was told by the management that he is not welcome any longer at the hotel.

Kevin Spacey


Rinky said...

Imagine my shock.

auntliddy said...

No surprise.

sandybrook said...


M Styles said...

So the masseur told on himself?
'Hey Boss I just gave Kevin Spacey a hand job and he gave me a huge tip.'
Stupid is as a stupid does.

FlirtyChick74 said...

He must have been pretty agressive, brazen, and loud for them to say something. Is it really like that every where he goes?

What a guy. Always asking for privacy and needing to keep his life private yet one of the messiest celebrities I've ever seen. He must truly be an awful client if even his PR team (if he had one) couldn't contain him.

Dannette said...

To your credit, you've been on to him for years, enty. Thanks.


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