Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Random Photos Part One - Halloween

Two parts today.

Charlize Theron
Demi Lovato
Heidi Klum
Mike Myers and Heather Graham
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Lady GaGa
Tara Reid


MontanaMarriott said...

That's not a Halloween costume that's just Tara's usual yacht girl get up.

sandybrook said...

It's not Halloween at CDaN without the Heidi Klum Halloween pic.
Tara dressed as herself?

sandybrook said...

Bwahaha Montana we had the same thought

zerooptions said...

Time for another edition of Blackwells worst dressed review..
Charlize Theron - She was much more appealing in Monster in filthy t-shirt and ripped jeans. Her rapunzel "hair-don't" isn't what Disney had in mind.

Demi Lovato - This sexy cop uniform is a crime, cruel and unusual punishment to view! How many cadets were forced to squeeze Ms. Lovato into this 2 sizes too small uniform?

Heidi Klum - At last a costume befitting her perfectly! The "M" stands for maneater!!! Be careful guys you'll walk away missing something very important to you!

Michael- that costume came from a military surplus store, you can do much better than that. How about one of those velvet costumes collecting dust in your closet? Stick with what you know, "Yeah, baby!"

Heather - Sweetie, if you want to be more convincing in the sugar skull make up and skeleton dress....Lay off the sugar!!!

Justin - who and Jessica who? Send Janet a thank you card for making you famous for awhile, maybe invite her onstage at your half-time show... you owe her one, oh wait a minute, you owe her two, they come in a pair..

Stefani Germanotta - I don't see a costume here, just her without her make up, go ahead and run with scissors, I dare you!

Tara- Darling, before going out in a cat suit, you might want to eat a burger or two, I see some loose fabric where there shouldn't be any wrinkles.

Misty said...

Demi Lovato has a massive bottom

Trevor said...

Is Tara dressed as Gonorrhea?

bean àlainn rua said...

@zerooptions channeling Mr. Blackwell is giving me life!

Sd Auntie said...

Demi is looking good...still thick but really attractive. Ryan Phillipe too..lucky girl

Itttt said...


Mrs Meat said...

Tara YACHTS? Are there really members of the yacht owning community who would pay for some scrawny coke-addled loving? What's in it for them?


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