Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 23, 2017

This A list mostly movie actress who has multiple Oscar nominations/wins has a new installment of a superhero franchise about to be released. The press run is about to begin in earnest. Even though our actress is supposedly with someone, she has been hooking up with her foreign born actor ex every second they are alone.

Jennifer Lawrence/Darren Aronofsky/Nicholas Hoult 


sandybrook said...

Aronofsky DGAF he just gets azz.

Guesser said...

The movie bombed,so they have no more use for each other.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Oh, well.

That mother! film isn't going to garner JLaw that Oscar nomination that Aronofsky (probably) sold her on to make the film.

Haven't seen the film.
Most likely never going to see it.

The trailer was disjointed and confusing.

I'm sure Aronofsky sees art. I see a crappy film not worth the effort to watch.

Pst: I worked on enough crappy films. No need for me to watch them.

auntliddy said...

Boy, jlaw is having a banging 20's!

zerooptions said...

I read about that movie, it sounded worse than "the hours".
She'll be dumping that fussy self-entitled butthead shortly.

B626 said...

I would too

seabee666 said...

Just goes to show, whether impelled, coerced or forced actresses (no matter how successful) spread for directors and producers for parts. Poor Jennifer Lawrence. Hollyweird has taken its toll on her. How she was convinced by that ugly old freak to make his stupid movie AND have sex with him is beyond comprehension.

beebopcowboy said...

she Should get back w/ hoult, they fit each other better.

Jennifer Low Rents said...

Atta girl, Jennifer! :)

AshBey said...

I just wonder what her relationship with Harvey Weinstein really was and how much that may have helped her career. (gross)


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