Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

October 22, 2017

This former reality star turned A-/B+ list mostly television actress on one bomb and one hit hooked up with the old guy she has had sex with for a long time. Way back when he was married and the whole time he was on a reality show. She has been seeing another guy but basically feels obligated to have sex with the old guy who is A list at what he does.

Katharine McPhee/David Foster


auntliddy said...

Well she seems to be sleeping her way thru hollywood. Hope she's at least having fun.

Habibti said...

Katherine is the town bicycle....all the boys ride her. Doubt she knows how to close her legs either.

sandybrook said...

She fucks for roles and music and production for her albums. America's Rita Whora, she should be proud.

Sd Auntie said...

Ewwwww. I'm take the BF anytime over wrinkly Foster.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

At least he (was) a hit maker.
Apparently, Katherine thinks he's spin a hit song her way.

Himmmm said...

Not trying to gross anyone out here - but if you've seen what I've seen? Irma Gurd! Her uhhh...well, uhhh...let's just say her very intimate lady bits? Well - they're VERY traumatized. Ahem. Yeah, like scabs. Seriously. Scabbed lips. Yeah, and it's even grosser than it sounds.

I couldn't figure out if she'd had an operation that had not healed yet? Or some horrific S&M went very wrong? Or if she cut herself. With a power saw. Yeah, it was that bad. Possibly the most organically grotesque thing I've seen since Steven Tyler on a beach. So obviously she needs a sugar daddy with glaucoma. I just couldn't and personally I blame Simon Cowell.

KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

Maybe she had a labioplasty? Some of these chicks think it's trendy to have a plastic surgeon re-do their vaginas - you know, trim the lips, tighten it up. They treat their vaginas like they treat their faces and bodies - a little botox, a little nip and tuck, an afternoon here and there at the plastic surgeon.

Or she might just have herpes or warts.

Hope you double bagged it, brother.

Pink_Palace said...

I remember her being a COS during her Idol days...Did she defect?


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