Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Random Photos Part Two

Dakota Fanning is in Europe promoting her new movie.
Ariana Grande and
Halle Berry with some interesting Halloween choices.
Jessica Biel in a meeting about her new business endeavor.
Jennifer Lawrence filming a skit for Jimmy Kimmel.
Angelina Jolie and the hey, I do eat ice cream at least for this one photo pose.
Kate Middleton out doing royal work again after a bit of a morning sickness break.


MontanaMarriott said...

Whaaaaat no annual Heidi Klum Halloween pic?? GASP

sandybrook said...

Biel made a dress out of my bath robe?😣

zerooptions said...

Wrong costume choices:
Ariana Grande should have been a donut with nasty bacteria
Halle Berry a hit-and-run victim
Angelina Jolie, a hypochrondiac, (pajamas, thermometer, bottle of asprin)
Jessica Biel forgot her fluffy slippers to go with the bath robe she's wearing.
Is dakota the new poster girl for tmobile or pepto-bismol?
Kate Middleton forgot her rainbow umbrella, I love that chinese cab commercial!

AvaCherryVanilla said...

Grande looks like a brunette Amanda Lepore

Itttt said...

Oh man zerooptions, A+

Itttt said...

BREAKING: Beverly Hills P.D. has opened an investigation into fat bastard Harvey and the Weinstein Weinus.

And the Kevin Spacey groping/assault/underage floodgates are beginning to spill.


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