Monday, December 18, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 11, 2017

On a red carpet last week, this former A+ list tweener actor turned A- list adult mostly movie actor was wearing more makeup than he did in the movie. Apparently he thinks he is getting old even though he is just now 30.

Zac Efron


hunter said...

Maybe his skin was bad from extracurricular activities?

Makeup never really makes you look younger but it can hide skin problems.

sandybrook said...

I miss Cubs...maybe he was intending to dress up as a woman for his man later that night.

ancoranonhocapito said...

Wasn't he in another blind pointing him as a literal slave to Geffen?

Fred LeBlanc said...

Stop trying to make Zac Efron happen. He's not gonna happen.

murphy nelson said...

I'm virtually positive he was on roids for Baywatch and those can really age the face. Also could see why he'd be worried at 30, because while that's not young in the grand scheme of things his only roles are like the "fresh young heartthrob" variety vs guys in their 30s like Hiddleston, Oscar Isaac, Miles teller, etc who are going to continue to get roles much longer. It's not like Efron is getting pitched character pieces and high-brow roles that would allow him to transition to a more mature career. Mainly dumb comedies and rom-com type stuff.

ADFan said...

Efron is about to start the Bundy movie, though.

Shotinthedark said...

Agree with everything you said Murphy! Saw Baywatch a couple of weeks ago and he looked old. My SO got all uptight because when Efron took his top off, I went, 'Oh!' I meant it as in OMG - what has he done to himself? You can guess what SO thought of my reaction,... Also, whether it is the 'roids or drugs, his face isn't aging well.

I do like him as an actor though (when he's sober and focused he does good work and he really does do comedy well), so I hope he gets it together. Even if he never turns into Anthony Hopkins, there will always be plenty of comedy roles available as long as he doesn't burn any bridges. Look at Jon Lithgow - a one trick pony if ever there was.


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