Monday, December 18, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 11, 2017

So much for those rumors of this A-/B+ list singer/actress getting out of the cult. Instead, she doubled down and went full victim shaming and harassing to show her love of the cult. Pretty disgraceful.

Juliette Lewis/Danny Masterson


longtimereader said...

Good grief and she is one of the likeable co$ members like beck.

RingoSkater said...

Forgot about Beck. Sheesh. Especially for the big stars, if you remain in that swamp of evil, you're culpable. Doesn't matter how hard it may be to extricate yourself.

YummyBoogers said...

I'm disappointed in you, Mallory Knox! Tsk tsk.

lucy said...

I don't think I've ever seen a movie Juliette Lewis was in that I did not like

Maria said...

Also. Check out Jason Lee instagram. Just in the past few months he's been hanging out and interacting with very hardcore Scientologists. He's not out of the cult AT ALL: he had an opening gallery for his photographs in Danton and not other that Madam supreme of the Scientologists in Hollywood Gay Ribisi flew from LA to attend. Jason's wife had an tenet promoting her clothing line in LA hosted by hardcore scientologist Beth Riesgraf (ex wife of Lee, actually and very active in the cult) Lee also had Masterson and his band, all scions, hanging out with him in his Texas home. Ethan Suplee, super hardcore scion and brother in law of Juliette Lewis, is often featured in Jason's instagram. Not to mention he interacts and comments on all hardcore scion's instagrams as well. Not the behaviour of a suppressive person as he'd had been labeled had he really left the cult and announcing it so publicly. Open your eyes people because we're witnessing a phase in Celebrity Scientologists which will see them openly lying about having left the cult to take the heat off their careers. It became way too damaging financially for them to openly admitting being in the cult. We've already seen Jada Pinkett denying being a scientologist but outed as a regular at the Celeb Center in LA by non other than Leah Remini. They will use what they call "acceptable truth" to deny being in the cult, which is nothing other than just plain out lie. Expect more to come. Jason Lee is STILL very much in the cult.


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