Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Today's Blind Items - The Church

One thing upfront. The church I am referring to is not Scientology. This is a church that was founded just a couple of years ago in northern Arizona. Why this particular location? It is remote for sure, which helps. They learned in the past that it helps to be remote. They also learned in the past that it helps if they can attach themselves to another established church or religion. They got that in this northern Arizona town too. What they also got though are three things they treasure most of all. Number one was the built in security from the other very secretive religion in the area throughout the town, which was very open to the idea when they saw the very large check. Number two they had the ability to integrate hundreds of children into a community that seemingly has nothing but endless supplies of children. Finally, they were coming to a community where no one looks down on anyone who has sex with teens and tweens.

The people who founded the church like to say it is their version of the Trinity. A pretty sick one. Originally when they tried to do this in the northern part of the country, it didn't work out very well. There were too many competing interests. You had one group of people who were trafficking kids, but another group who was interested in trafficking women for prostitution. You also had a group who was trying to do good and everything intersected and it was a horrible mess.

They learned their lessons and waited until everything was in place. The church is a non profit and their biggest donor is a shell company which is part of another shell company which is owned by the same A+ list mogul we have seen time and time again in all of these stories. This is where things get a little interesting. Because of the racial makeup in the community, and wanting to make sure everyone blends in, they had to get the tweens and teens from Europe. Specifically they found some orphanages in Eastern Europe. How did they get them all into the country? Well, every church needs religious workers. The church hired twenty "pastors" and got them in as special immigrant religious workers. Each of these "pastors" had between four and six children they brought in with them, and of course their wives, many of whom had their own children too. Of course, none of these pastors or wives really have any kids they brought, but almost overnight, what these people have created is a fully functioning, safe from prying eyes place where these kids are being abused. Apparently, much like their protectors, they want to ensure a never ending supply, by having the teens get pregnant as often as possible.

You might wonder what all of this has in connection to Hollywood. Well, first of all, the financing of course all comes from our A+ list mogul. There is one very important other thing. Have you wondered why every male celebrity over the past couple of years goes to a rehab facility in Arizona, but you never see any photos of the rehab facility or them in the rehab facility? Have you wondered why no female celebrity has ever gone to this facility? Have you ever wondered why the men who go to this facility seemingly always stay longer than a normal 30 day rehab and often seem to go back every few months for followup treatment? Have you ever wondered why all of these male celebrities seem to be the ones with the longest histories of sexual indiscretions? When they don't mention Arizona, they will say an undisclosed location. Well, apparently all these guys like going to the same location and the flow never stops. It is not just celebrities, there has been a surge of high paid executives and others that have suddenly decided this rehab place is the one that they need to go to.

They have figured out a way for them to go to "rehab," and get "better," so the world will forgive them and let them get back to making a lot of money. 


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Mark said...

I haven't checked this blind in a while. I REALLY wish that the time stamp of each post included a date.

I haven't read all the posts that I missed, but the Dream Center thing looks pretty damn interesting. The following observations don't add any substance, but oh well:

(1) Pastor Matthew Barnett is creepy looking af!

(2) http://dreamcenterfoundation.org/ - "closed the acquision (sic) ..." Nothing says higher education like spelling errors.

(3) When I see human trafficking and white women, I immediately think of Romania. Is "Romainia" the same thing? (LEARN TO SPELL IF YOU ARE GOING TO RUN A WEBSITE!) http://www.thedcnetwork.org/

[Intentionally double-posting, so I end one page of 200 and begin the next.]

Schneiderisnext said...

BRUCE & DIANE HALL were both knighted through the Vatican's order of St Gregory after a donation to the Vatican's Pauline chapel

Other "Commanders of the order of St Gregory"?

1. Roy Disney
2. Rupert Murdoch
3. Jimmy Savile

Schneiderisnext said...

Turns out Dream City Church is very very connected to the Crouch family who founded and own TBN (the bible network), and has extensive relationships with Christian Hollywood production companies that operate out of its basement


You must go deep into the Dream Center to find Matt Crouch. Out in Echo Park, past the baby blue Scientology building and the calles filled with storefront churches...

Up a hill, to a strange, campuslike complex called the Los Angeles Dream Center. The main building used to be a hospital. Now it’s rented out by filmmakers and religious groups—a dream center if ever there was one. The communion of these two worlds—young Christians alighting from church buses, film crews unloading gear from their trucks—gives the place an off-kilter vibe. It’s as if Bob Jones University had gone Hollywood.

Gener8Xion Entertainment operates out of an office beneath the Dream Center’s vast parking lot. It’s a typical Hollywood-trailer setup, with gimcrack walls and a transient feel.

Crouch is the son of televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch—prayerful hosts and owners of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the biggest angels out there in the twenty-four-hour harvest of souls. Perhaps you’ve seen Paul on television, flashing his pastoral smile, making small but insistent demands on your pocket. Perhaps you’ve seen Jan crying at the sight of another $40 pledge, the tissues failing to absorb her emotions. They call the Crouch brand of faith “prosperity gospel”: Give unto TBN and the Lord will make you rich. The deal certainly has worked out for TBN: In just twent-yeight years, the Crouches have turned a single L.A. television station into a 600-station global empire. And they did it with nothing but love and $160 million in annual contributions.

Schneiderisnext said...

"Crouch had some experience working with the Goliaths of Hollywood. Before Omega Code, he was hired by Dream-Works as a marketing consultant for The Prince of Egypt, helping Jeffrey Katzenberg reach out to the Christian audience"

Dang. Consulted with Geffen's company on Prince of Egypt. So did the head of the New England DREAM CENTER of Worcestire MA

They also had a ritualistic sex abuse scandal. I've posted about it above already.

Schneiderisnext said...

I'm so slow. TBN

TRINITY Broadcasting Network

Is this the "TRINITY" @enty means in the blind?


Paul and Matt Crouch threatened to kill their grand-daughter and niece Brittaney Kroper (ousted CEO of TBN who was accusing TBN of laundering) live on air during one of their "Christian" talk shows

Schneiderisnext said...

Also Paul Crouch himself was involved in a sexual scandal with a male employee who previously met Crouch in a CHRISTIAN DRUG REHAB


Televangelist Paul Crouch, founder of the world's largest Christian broadcasting network, has waged a fierce legal battle to prevent a former employee from publicizing allegations that he and Crouch had a sexual encounter eight years ago.

Crouch, 70, is the president of Trinity Broadcasting Network, based in Orange County, whose Christian programming reaches millions of viewers around the world via satellite, cable and broadcast stations.

The source of the allegations against him is Enoch Lonnie Ford, who met Crouch at a TBN-affiliated drug treatment center in 1991 and later went to work for the ministry.

After Ford threatened to sue TBN in 1998, claiming that he had been unjustly fired, Crouch reached a $425,000 settlement with him. In return, Ford agreed, among other things, not to discuss his claim about a sexual encounter with the TV preacher.

Schneiderisnext said...

Bruce and Diane *HALLE

Schneiderisnext said...

TBN officials said they were careful not to pay Ford with ministry funds in 1998. They declined to say whether the money came from an insurer, Crouch personally or some other source.

In 1991, he [Ford] checked into a Christian drug treatment program in Colleyville, Texas, on a TBN-owned ranch. It was there that Ford met Crouch. In 1992 the network hired him to work on a phone bank in Orange County. Ford said he also ran errands for the Crouches and drove Paul Crouch to appointments.

Ford repeatedly ran into trouble with the law, but TBN stood behind him. In 1994, he pleaded no contest in San Bernardino County to having sex with a 17-year-old boy and served six months in jail, according to court records. TBN took him back after his release.

In 1995, he pleaded guilty in Orange County to possession of cocaine and served about 30 days in County Jail. Again, TBN took him back.

Schneiderisnext said...

Despite TBN's efforts to keep Ford's charges secret, they surfaced in an unrelated 1998 lawsuit. A former bodyguard for TBN personality Benny Hinn testified in a deposition that during a European bus tour that year, Hinn had told a group of associates about "a sexual relationship that Paul Crouch had with his chauffeur."

The witness, Mario C. Licciardello, quoted Hinn as saying: "Paul's defense was that he was drunk."

Hinn and six others mentioned by Licciardello, who died in 2000, told The Times that Hinn never made such remarks. However, Rick Jones, a retired police officer and ordained minister who worked for Hinn, said he heard Hinn talk about Crouch's alleged homosexual relationship on that bus.

just sayin' said...

What does this say about the Christian right which supported Roy Moore and continues to defend Donald Trump? As a liberal who is frequently attacked for my politics, I simply don't understand. Attacks are focused on "liberal Hollywood" (which is fair...this is where systemic pedophilia thrives) when this work by schneiderisnext is uncovering what Enty wants us to know about Hollywood's interconnectedness with the Christian media industry in America and it's involvement in organized human trafficking.

just sayin' said...

And schneiderisnext, I still say you should find someone like Ronan Farrow or Alexandra Pelosi to put together an expose or documentary. The work you continue to do is revelatory. Thank you for not letting your personal politics stop you from digging where you see dirt. As I say, pedophilia is not a political party or a religion and this horror needs to be rooted out, even if it forces us to wake up and see that some of our sacred cows are covering up evil. (I address that to everyone, myself included.)

Schneiderisnext said...

Thanks as always for your care, evenhandedness and kind words @justsayin

I still need to organize my research, but I will be formally summarizing it in some kind of blog.

The problem right now is the connections are all tenuous and based on the Blind. There is no smoking gun, just a lot of smoke, and historical precedent.

Schneiderisnext said...

Jan Crouch victim blamed her 13 year old granddaughter for getting roofied and raped by a 30 year old TRINITY employee...


Carra Crouch said that in 2006, at age 13, she was sexually assaulted in an Atlanta hotel room by a 30-year-old Trinity employee. When she told her grandmother, Jan Crouch blamed her for what happened and never reported the incident to police, Carra Crouch alleged.

On Monday, the jury awarded Carra Crouch $2 million for her years of emotional trauma and future suffering, finding that Jan Crouch’s response caused outrageous harm.

Schneiderisnext said...

TRINITY Broadcasting definitely has shell corporations and money laundering ops

In February, Koper has accused the mighty Christian broadcaster of playing fast and loose with the ministry’s millions, and soon provided internal documents to back up her claims. Extravagant meal, hotel and limousine costs along with personal expenses charged to the company were pervasive issues for Trinity, an internal review said; and irregularities included the purchase of a $50 million jet through “a sham loan to an alter ego corporation” for the personal use of the Crouches; a $100,000 motor home purchased by Trinity as a mobile residence for Jan Crouch’s dogs; “multiple residential estates” falsely reported as guest homes or church parsonages to avoid income disclosures; meal expenses of up to a half-million dollars per company director; “personal chauffeurs compensated with Trinity funds under the guise of medical payments;” and “multiple coverups
of sexual and criminal scandals,” according to court documents.


just sayin' said...

Schneiderisnext: I'd take Enty's lack of commenting or directing you on this as tacit approval. When we go astray Himmmm usually jumps in because they want these stories told. By not endorsing your work Enty keeps his legal a$$ covered -- I'm sure that's the only reason you get no feedback. This is next level $hit...bigger than Watergate, Rushergate, Jim Bakker/PTL combined. The best part of your work is that it relies heavily on the legitimate press rather than conspiracy sites. Well, I take that back, the best part is that you've done it at all, dug so deep and keep finding more. But your sources can't be poo-pooed as internet garbage.

Schneiderisnext said...

It was the expenses charged to Trinity by her Uncle Matthew Crouch
—her dad’s younger brother —that were the last straw. “His lifestyle makes my grandparents’ lifestyle look tame,” she said. “You can’t even compare. My grandfather has a luxury car but Matt had a new luxury car every other week, and his wife would have one, too. TBN remodeled an entire TBN-owned
house for them, so they could have a closet for their designer clothes. That’s where it was, all right, I look the other way on other stuff that’s in the gray area, but you have to be kidding me.”
TBN, a nonprofit, had sent more than $50 million to Matthew Crouch’s for-profit film company over the course of a decade, she said.

webdeb1971 said...

Joel Schumacher directed the Devil Inside video?

webdeb1971 said...

The video was directed by Joel Schumacher. Not sure if that means anything.

Schneiderisnext said...

Koper’s declaration says, “It is an understatement to say that I encountered tremendous resistance, particularly by TBN directors — and most particularly by my uncle, director Matthew Crouch, who I believed was guilty of the most glaring and dangerous violations of law concerning excess benefit transactions, kickbacks, self-dealing, and outright fraudulent conduct.”

She particularly objected to $50 million transferred from TBN to Matthew Crouch’s Gener8Xion film company over a decade, she continued. She pointed to invoices for $1.2 million to Gener8Xion
“related to the non-existed 3D Jesus movie,” as well as invoices for $19,527 sought by Matthew Crouch and his wife “to renovate one of their many company provided homes.”

Sometimes there is unexpected humor in this muck.

[Sic] Nonexisted 3D Jesus Movie


Unknown said...

The LDS church (the one from Utah) has a significant presence in Arizona but the "established church" they refer to is the FLDS church. The LDS church has it's issues but this isn't one of them.

Schneiderisnext said...


Could Matt Crouch be the A+ list mogul? As President of Trinity Broadcasting Network & indepent producer of 8 xtian movies?

I know TBN stumps for the Dream Centers, are they the largest donor?

Schneiderisnext said...

Alright folks, here's my research on a different aspect of the Blind

"temporary religious workers"

This is the reason Enty prefaced the Blind saying it ISN'T SCIENTOLOGY

Scientology has long used the "immigrant non-religious worker program" to import slave labor. This is one of the main reasons ANONYMOUS targeted Scientology in the early 2000s

An excerpt from an ANONYMOUS FORUM

"The 1990's legislation enacting the various forms of "Religious Worker" visa programs had a built-in sunset date. These sunset dates have been extended several times. From the beginning, there has been rampant fraud throughout the entire "Religious Worker" visa program. Scientology is not the only "religious" organization abusing this system.

Roughly 1/3 of "Religious Worker" applications were proven fraudulent, and from what I can determine, the actual fraud level was around 1/2 of all applicants."

Schneiderisnext said...

The official immigration form is called i-360, it is filed either by the non-immigrant worker or the church on their behalf.

It also allows their spouse and children to legally enter the country

While it was supposed to end in 2009, it has been repeatedly extended via amendments introduced by a UTAH senator ORRIN HATCH

The R-1 program only requires proof from the sponsoring agency that the religious worker has been employed with the agency for 2 years. As of 2009 it was made more lax (previously it required two years of employment within the us). The lack of Visa requirements and repeated fraud has led to US Immigration reccomending the program be terminated. However they don't have the jurisdiction as it was created via Congress


(Aformentioned anonymous blog)

Schneiderisnext said...

this blog was talking about this issue in 2009!!!

Again ORRIN HATCH UT senator, member of the LDS, and FLDS apologist has been the main force in reauthorizing the "r-1 immigrant religious worker program"

A very interesting/bizarre set of comments was posted most recently in 2012. I include them verbatim:

Anonymous said:

that sanctioned the authorization EB-5 Program was... for the Special Immigrant Non-minister Religious Worker Program, the Conrad State 30 J-1 Visa Waiver Program and E-Verify Program for three years.

i love french toast, i am really like to eat it, make every sunday for my babes...

Chanderban said:

any particular reason for bumping my old thread?

Anonymous said:

any particular reason for bumping my old thread?

they love french toast?

'French Toast 'is a codename for a ho foreign nanny...whaaaa? Do you like her with maple syup or honey?

Schneiderisnext said...

Apparently ORRIN Hatch loves FRENCH TOAST

Schneiderisnext said...

TBN was involved in Haiti until things went bad....

were they attempting sex-trafficking here?

Read between the lines

Feud leaves Haiti hospital half built
Accusations fly between an archbishop and a televangelist.
February 16, 2008|Carol J. Williams LA Times Staff Writer
CARREFOUR, HAITI — A multimillion-dollar building project involving a Haitian pastor and the Trinity Broadcasting Network has collapsed in recriminations, leaving behind a half-built hospital with a giant cross-shaped hole in one wall.
With $2.5 million already spent, work stopped almost two years ago on the first children's hospital in this slum of half a million people, when the partnership between Archbishop Joel Jeune of Haiti's Charismatic Church and Jan Crouch, the co-founder of the Costa Mesa-based TBN, turned bitter.

Jeune claims that Crouch erupted in anger when he told her that some HAITAN BOYS who had been HIRED to guard the construction site reported that a TBN MISSIONARY had made HOMOSEXUAL ADVANCES.

Schneiderisnext said...

TBN formed a sham "minority owned corporation" in the 1980's so they could get preferential treatment from the FCC



NMTV, then called TTI, was formed in 1980, shortly after the Commission adopted a notice of proposed rulemaking on September 9 concerning the future of LPTV and translators. Low Power Television Broadcasting, 82 FCC 2d 47, 75 (1980). The notice proposed giving preferences to minority-controlled applicants in awarding licenses for these facilities. On September 11, 1980, two days after the NPRM was adopted, Crouch conceived the idea of forming a new corporation to develop a network of translators that would carry TBN programming. He envisioned TTI as a minority-controlled corporation that would be used to take advantage of the minority preference, while TBN would acquire unbuilt and existing stations. He chose Duff to join him on the board of directors and enlisted her aid in finding another minority to serve as a third board member. Ultimately Crouch asked Phillip David Espinoza (Espinoza), a pastor and TBN program host, who is Hispanic, to join him and Duff on the board. (Espinoza resigned in 1990 and was replaced by PHILLIP Russell AGUILAR [CONVICTED CHILD SEXABUSER], a pastor with previous connections to TBN, who is also Hispanic. In 1991, an African-American, Edward Victor Hill, another pastor with TBN connections, was added as a fourth director. When Aguilar resigned in 1993, he was replaced by Armando Ramirez, an Hispanic, TBN-related pastor.) Juggert drafted the necessary organizational documents and, on September 16, 1980, TTI was incorporated. Crouch became president of TTI and Duff vice president.

Schneiderisnext said...

When I went to the Romania DC network site, it had absolutely no photos (very strange for a charismatic Christian mission organization)

It also repeatedly attempted to dl files onto my system (malware)

The only interesting information i was able to find is that they operate a business called "the American cafe"

If you read my posts below, I demonstrate how "nonminister religious worker r-160 forms are used by religious organizations [5ci3ntol0gy] to recruit cheap foreign slave labor.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

The site seems to have gotten targetted for political trolling lately. I've been reading for years, and there's a definite uptick from one side. Not that we've never had politics, but seems like an attempt to weaponize blind gossip, rather than (in some cases) real blinds.

alisontheoriginal said...

@Schneiderisnext I have been a member of this site since about day/month? 1 (although my profile doesn't reflect it as I had to change my account name) and I have never seen such in depth and objective research. Great job! I had to look up these characters and when I saw them I said "Oh those freaks! another Jim and Tammy Baker" situation but I think this is way beyond them from what I am reading from your research. She looks like she was an MK Ultra. And the Orrin Hatch/ r-1 link (I had never heard of this program - what a scam!) is another interesting rabbit hole. I feel like all your research is not being recognized as this post is old. I wish Enty would spotlight it somehow.

Thank you for your amazing work!

D. Benton Smith said...

It's pretty obviously Bentinho Massaro, since he is the only candidate that checks out on ALL of the criteria. The clincher is the "trinity" aspect of the batshit lunacy he calls "Trinfinity." Of course Massaro being a self proclaimed, self promoted and even self photographed perverted cult leader helps build the case.
There is simply no technically feasible way for him to scrub the internet clean of virtually ALL biographical information about himself (which has been done) without enormous financial and technical assistance. Pretty good chance he's had a little help with that from friends in bad places.

D. Benton Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Schneiderisnext said...

Sedona is a wierd culty place, and Massaharo is a techbro/cult swindler, but Trinfinity doesn't really fit.

Blind says it's protected by an existing church that has large ethnically white families, needs a check, and doesn't look down on teen and tween sex abuse.

That is definitely Colorado City AZ and the polygamous Fundamental Latter Day Saints (FLDS)

just sayin' said...

Schneiderisnext: you're right, we need Enty to do something to get people on focus with the Church blind again. Maybe if he does a new, related blind?

Unknown said...

@TWN you know that "Conspiracy Theorist" was a term developed and used by CIA controlled media sources under operation mockingbird to keep the mass populace from discovering or believing leaked information.

Mary Lamb said...

I just tried to post this comment on the other version so if it shows up elsewhere, forgive my duplicity.
I hope you've saved all of your comments, links and research.
You should open your own blog, if you haven't already, and possibly ask Enty's permission to use the blind and other comments?
Maybe he can include a link to your blog on CDan?

Also, having just read some of the latest comments, I may have missed it but Orrin Hatch is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Amazing work, Schneiderisnext!

Mary Lamb said...

*duplicate not duplicity, haha.

Collateral Justice said...

Funny you picked the Wichita, Kansas witch trials.

Years later they proved the existence of tunnels that had been "debunked". Evidence the tunnels had been operational during the DECADES of abuse.

just sayin' said...

Schneiderisnext -- Enty was unaware of all of your work on this but has now taken a look and is giving you new clues here:

The Church's New Investment 

Mary Lamb said...

Adding the date prior to your comments would be very helpful, if you wouldn't mind.
Better late than never. :)

Schneiderisnext said...


Will do :)

TheBreakfastLunch&Dinnerclub said...


PoliticallyIncorrect71 said...

No because the politicians are involved and/or cover it up

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...


In November 2015, the church became a multi-site church with the opening of its Scottsdale, Arizona campus. In February 2016, Dream City Church merged with Community Church of Joy in Glendale, Arizona.[2]


> Community Church of Joy


http://www.timwrightministries.org/curricula.html > http://www.michaelgurian.com/books-dvds/

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...


In March of 2005 he left Joy to start a sister congregation of Joy called Community of Grace, in Peoria, AZ. This new church start has enabled him to pursue new ministry opportunities, specifically in the areas of connecting the church’s mission to the wider world, resulting in 3 trips to Rwanda; and in finding new ways to disciple children through adults based on the latest in brain research and theology.

Schneiderisnext said...



danggggg....this seems in line with the two recent blinds

"Disciple children through adults"

Awkward wording...has two meanings. Alarm bells

lava909 said...

yeah, that's the guy. i watched his videos too. he definitely said that the children were sacrificed. very sick stuff.

just sayin' said...

Sometimes all I want is more information to get all this uncovered. Then I just want it all to be fake and to go away. If only it were that easy. This is the most important story of our time.

Schneiderisnext said...

@just sayin' We have to confront the things society has repressed. It sucks, and hurts. But it's healing.


Pentecostal leadership excerpt detailing ministry outreach to eastern Europe and Asia

HOMES OF HOPE. Project Rescue.

Both ASSEMBLY of God international sex trafficking/rescue ministries. Affiliates of Dream Center

just sayin' said...

Don't worry -- I'm in. Forgive my ignorance, do you know where I should file them (Local, state or Federal level, which agency/agencies, and the correct corporate name for the church to use, or should I use more than one name? (I figure different branches/states file them separately.)

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

On Dec. 22, 2017, Public Law 115-96 became law, extending the EB-4 non-minister special immigrant religious worker program through Jan. 19, 2018. The law allows these workers to immigrate or adjust to permanent resident by that date. Non-minister special immigrant religious workers include those within a religious vocation or occupation engaged in either a professional or non-professional capacity.

This program was not reauthorized before the Jan. 19, 2018 expiration date. Starting Jan. 20, 2018, USCIS will reject any Form I-360 Special Immigrant petitions for Non-Minister Religious Workers. Petitions received by USCIS prior to Jan. 20, 2018, but not issued a final decision before Jan. 20, 2018, will be placed on hold in case the program is reauthorized.

Schneiderisnext said...


...trvmp? Is he actually ending It? Is somebody?

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

The pedo stuff at high levels is largely a CIA/Mossad blackmail operation. That's how they get away with a secret government. Both parties have many compromised Congress members, it's bi-partisan.

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

Trump is indeed going after pedo rings, there is an MSM blackout though, you need to follow local news.

google "pedo arrests"

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

Trump knows all but can't expose all, it would cause chaos, it's that bad.

Do make note of all the congress critters "stepping down", they are going away quietly, for now.

plot said...

"Trump is going full bore against pedos/pedo rings"

No he isn't. The special investigations in human trafficking started in 2009, under another president, and it's now bearing fruit. It took a long time to establish rapport with international secret services and to coordinate with them to seek out traffickers. It couldn't happen in a few months. It took years.

It had fuck all to do with Trump.

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...


It's a two party crime syndicate, Trump is not from either one, an outsider.

Anyway, the partisan shit is what keeps you sounding stupid. It's been US vs. THEM for a long time, we may now have a flicker of a chance if people stop being dumb shits with the R vs. D crap.

George Carlin was right.

plot said...

"It's a two party crime syndicate, Trump is not from either one, an outsider"

Trump is the culmination of the GOP position that hates the poor, the sick and immigrants while they keep us divided by race and sex for their own advantage. They've been doing it since Reagan.

Trump is perfectly Republican. He is hitting every mark their voters want to hear, to the detriment of all of us.

An outsider???? Shit. The GOP has wanted to turn our government funds over the the wealthy class for decades. Where others have failed Trump is succeeding. He is wiping out his own debt to foreign and domestic banks by rescinding all their fines for money laundering and syphoning off cash from the accounts of us, the unworthy underclass.

Outsider??? You've GOT to be shitting me! He is as insider as they come - rich douchebag from NYC ready to plunder the nation to be besties with the wealthy of the world.

He is corrupt, inept, stupid, venal and disgusting. There is nothing there worth supporting for any reason unless you giggle and think it's cute to brag about sexual assault and wanting to sleep with one's own daughter. EDGY MAN!

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...


No one is listening plot but by all means...carry on. Somewhere else, perhaps a huffpost comment section.


Schneiderisnext said...

"Child malnutrition nevertheless remains a challenge to the health of HIV-exposed infants requiring the implementation of sustainable and locally-acceptable interventions in areas with limited resources [22]. The Drug Resource Enhancement Against AIDS and Malnutrition Program, also known as DREAM, sponsored by the Sant’Egidio Community, is pioneer in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, with 80,000 HIV-infected and/ or exposed individuals in care. At DREAM medical centers, the HIV perinatal protocol integrates, at no charge, antiretroviral therapy with health education and nutritional supplementation during pregnancy and lactation [23,24]. This has resulted in significant infant HIV-free survival rates exceeding 90% at 18 months of age [24]. Infants born in the program are monitored until 18 months of age through monthly checks. In the event of signs of malnutrition, affected children are placed in a tailored malnutrition-control program. The approach entails intensive rehabilitative treatment, for improvement of infant nutritional status, as well as an educational program for the mother or caregiver, so that the child’s diet can be improved.

In the present study we describe the nutritional rehabilitation of 36 HIV-exposed infants followed at a DREAM centre in Malawi"


So I'm trying to find definitive connections between this DREAM CENTRE and the U.S. DREAM CENTER

Thedcnettwork.com lists A few "Dream Centre" locations outside of the US but claim to have no active African Missions

However, "FOCUS DREAM Center" was founded by a Kenyan Associate pastor of Liberty Church (home of the now closed Worcestire Dream Center) which is a ASSEMBLY of God megachurch tied to the Barnetts and pastored by a man named "George Cladis"

George Cladis consulted with Jeffrey Katzenberg & DreamWorks SKG during the making of the Prince of Egypt.

plot said...

This George Cladis?



Schneiderisnext said...

Yes! @ Plot


LIBERTY CHURCHES Shrewsbury/Worcester, MA 2007 – 2015
Executive Pastor
Responsible for day to day operations of a large (2,000 attendees) multi-site congregation: Served ex-officio with the board of directors and senior pastor to lead the congregation; strategic planning and execution; supervised pastoral and directors level staff; human resources chief; supervised all ministries; supervised operations: IT, facilities (two large church campuses, one office building, and one apartment house); legal affairs; finance and accounting; business model development and strategies for new church enterprises; negotiation of business tenant leases; trade marking; and developed and led marketing strategies. Regular preaching, teaching and pastoral duties.

Sample of Accomplishments: Led church through interim period with a minimum of loss of members and contributions; established new highly efficient and accountable team model resulting in growing ministries, team collaboration, deeper camaraderie and fellowship, and overall improved morale; introduced new strategic planning skills to expand and deepen Liberty’s ministries and effectiveness; reduced employee and church frustration by introducing a variety of operations, procedures and protocols resulting in smoother operations; totally revamped the accounting office resulting in highly responsible GAAP accounting methods and procedures and accurate financial reporting; introduced and headed implementation of Fellowship One: an extensive web-based data management system that greatly increased the church’s ability to love people, manage relationships, understand ministry metrics and enhance children’s ministry security. Created a highly efficient church multisite model to be enacted in the future beyond the current configuration.

NEW ENGLAND DREAM CENTER Worcester, MA 2007 -- 2014 Chief Executive Officer (promoted to this role 12/2013)/Chief Operating Officer (2007 – 2013)

Responsible for the day to day operations of a multi-million dollar social service agency and urban ministry outreach created by Liberty Church. I provided executive leadership; convened and led board of directors; strategic planning and execution; supervised outreach directors level staff; human resources chief; program supervisor (adult day health to mentally challenged adults; elder day care; foster care; urban children’s program; urban young adults outreach; outreach to public housing residents; hot meal “diner” ministry; vocational training ministry); supervised operations: IT, facilities, legal affairs, finance and accounting, business model development and strategies for new enterprises, and trade marking; developed and executed marketing strategies with team; supervised and created new strategies with financial development department; supervised transportation department; supervised chef/kitchen department..
Sample of Accomplishments: I was the catalyst/connector to landing a $5.2 million gift for the NEDC programs and ministries from a New York foundation – I was appointed the steward of the gift and made responsible to the Foundation for its proper spending; created and maintained new teams for significantly improved collaboration and communication between program directors and staff; significantly improved the facility and lowered staff frustration with facility problems; introduced new technology to manage the programs more efficiently while increasing the center’s ability to care; completely revamped finance and accounting toward better accuracy and reporting resulting in better overall financial management; ended high-cost consulting by creating in-house systems to provide the same services (overall net annual savings of $80,000); significantly improved security and safety systems for staff and clients reducing thefts and vandalism.

Schneiderisnext said...



Partnered with colleague and former Princeton classmate to network local houses of worship, including the Islamic Masumeen Center of Hopkinton, MA, to re-settle Syrian immigrants to the United States. I met with a General Contractor to consider a large property he owned in Grafton, MA for Syrian Refugees and another property owner, also in Grafton, for the same purpose. Our plan was to work with Ascentria for resettlement partnership. The effort began in 2015 but abruptly put on hold when President Trump took office.

Toured Romanian orphanages and micro-enterprise operated by World Vision with a diverse group of faith leaders led by U.S. World Vision President Richard Sterns, Bucharest and Cluj, Romania. 1998. I returned to my church in Darien, CT and personally raised $25,000 for children in Romanian orphanages.

Maintained and further developed partnership between Noroton Presbyterian Church, Darien, CT (mostly white, suburban) with a network of African American churches in Norwalk, CT for a variety of social services including HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment. Led my congregation's effort in this network to partner with Norwalk churches and the State of CT for social services delivery regarding HIV/AIDS.

Traveled to Otavalo, Ecuador with investment bankers from New York City to partner with World Vision to set up a new office of FODEMI (economic development for the poor) -- a bank that lends at the lowest interest rate allowed by law to those with no assets other than sweat equity. October 2000.

Member of a small group that met with John Dilulio, President George W. Bush’s Director of the Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives to discuss social legislation; Executive Offices of the White House, Washington, DC. January 24, 2000.

Member of a small team of pastors who met twice with Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder of DreamWorks Studio with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen– part content consulting on the film Prince of Egypt and part learning experience about DreamWorks’ unique organization and film philosophy; DreamWorks Studio, Universal City, CA. March 8, 1997 & February 3, 1998. (A group of Muslim leaders and another comprised of Jewish rabbis met with Mr. Katzenberg as well. DreamWorks was trying to create a film that respected the great Abrahamic faiths.)

DonaMari said...

yes, it does have proof, the woman, who was Hillary and Huma close friend, was ARRESTED in Haiti! duhhhh
wikileaks exposed Huma emails trying to help the woman.
The effort this Plot makes to justify and deny every meantion to Clintons public known crimes is simples disgusting and ridiculous!

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

This guy just popped up on the radar.

Wyss has ties to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and John Podesta, Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman. Although he is not as well known as other liberal mega-donor billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer, Wyss has given hundreds of millions of dollars to progressive activist groups through his private foundations.


U.S. Assistant Attorney Mary Crawley, who led the Synthes prosecution, told federal Judge Legrome Davis that Wyss’ firm “used these people, these elderly patients, as guinea pigs.” She called it “human experimentation,” noting, “they all have undermined the fundamental procedural protections that separate a civilized society from an uncivilized society when it comes to human experimentation.”


Over time, however, Long’s relationship allegedly devolved into a “pattern” that ran “the full gamut of rather perverse sex acts,” according to a May 8, 2013, letter by Ryan DiMaria, a previous Long lawyer, to Carolyn Short, one Wyss’s top lawyers.

“Wyss had a pattern and practice of carefully executed grooming and victimization of women,” DiMaria charged.



GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

A big interest in bio engineering..


GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

Taking out the trash..

More than 500 suspects were arrested and 56 people were rescued during a statewide human-trafficking crackdown, officials said.

The Los Angeles County Regional Human Trafficking Task Forces announced the arrests of 510 suspects during the three-day sweep, called Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.

During the operation, which took place between Jan. 25 and 27, the task force said 45 adults and 11 girls were rescued.


plot said...

Wonder how long that investigation took. More than a year probably...

plot said...

Here we go -

'The task force was established in November 2015 and since that time, 948 suspects have been arrested in connection to human trafficking."

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...


keep it partisan (stupid). It's a two party crime syndicate, you'll see soon.

plot said...

Excuse me?

I made this enormous board partisan?

I don't think so.

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

Thing is, with the scale of abuse , the size of the networks, etc. you need agency capture similar to what is known as "regulatory capture". Wall Street gets away with EVERYTHING because they have captured their regulators. Any prosecutions from the largest heist in history (the financial "crisis" in 2008)? No, not one. Why? The good folks charged with policing them work for them.

This pedo/trafficking/blackmail operation is running unhindered (for now) because the folks that were in charge allowed it all to happen.

You'll see. Soon.

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

Eberwein was a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week.

He has been found dead in Miami at the age of 50.

The circumstances surrounding Eberwein’s death are also nothing less than unpalatable. According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head.“ Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide” by the government. But not long before his death, he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation.


GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

Who is the Congressman that represents Hollywood? Who sits on the House Intel Committee?


CopperHueHoosier said...

Thank you n8in. You're comments struck me.

Schneiderisnext said...


Seems like Weinstein has been staying at a couple of treatment centers/resorts in PHX

"Weinstein has resided at least temporarily at a luxury apartment complex in nearby Scottsdale, according to two people who work in the complex but weren't authorized to speak. The Optima Sonoran Village is a modern, multi-building facility with colorfully painted exteriors and balconies featuring hanging foliage.
The complex offers amenities including an indoor lap pool, a 24-hour gym with an indoor basketball court, spas and concierge service. Optima representatives didn't respond to a request for comment"

"People who work at the Optima said Weinstein had received hypnotherapy at the complex. Pattie Freeman, who runs the Arizona Hypnotist, which has an office in the Optima, said she could not discuss whether she treated Weinstein"

"Meadows is popular among celebrities looking to dry out away from the public spotlight, and features a dedicated center for sex addiction called Gentle Path at the Meadows.
The facility's representatives declined to comment, but sources said Weinstein was treated there in recent months. Other clients reportedly include Kevin Spacey"

"The Phoenix area offers Weinstein an abundance of gated, high-end resorts where he can evade public detection. The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa is the most exclusive among them and is the home of the Elements restaurant where Weinstein was slapped. The resort would provide an ideal hideaway, with secluded mountainside "casas" that are accessible only by private road and can cost as much as $3900 a night.
Weinstein spent time in October at the Phoenician luxury resort in Scottsdale, where the most basic rooms go for close to $500 a night."

Mary Lamb said...

Yeah, they weren't authorized and he received hypnotherapy.
Okey dokey. Didn't happen.

Unless it's 'A Clockwork Orange' type therapy. That, I'd like to see, first hand and I'd enjoy it, immensely.
So, who did the slapping and how did I miss it?
I do believe the part where there's concierge, complete with catalogs.

Thanks for posting. This piece of shit needs to go down, forever.

Mary Lamb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Lamb said...


Coffinnails said...

Hey, y’all- progress! Municipal workers in a Utah town run by a polygamous cult resigned en masse after a non-cultist was a elected mayor and enacted major overhauls. http://dailycaller.com/2018/03/09/government-workers-in-polygamous-town-quit-after-non-cult-member-becomes-mayor/ I’ll post this under a newer blind about something dumb too.

Schneiderisnext said...


Red Cross

Dream City Church

"Hope 4 kids" intl.

joshg g said...

Whooo, I made it to the end... for now 4/4/18

Lucretia said...

He's been killed now.

Lucretia said...

The banker thought he was safe, because he didn't mention names.

He was killed recently.

Look up Ritual Satanic Abuse
Then search it with Freemasonry, Judaism and other religions.

Then search MKULTRA, then MKULTRA ritual satanic abuse.

Lucretia said...

They hunt children in Australia too.

Lucretia said...

They get wealthy because they arrange government contracts and banking rip offs for each other.

Moloch doesn't reward them, they reward and protect each other, whilst ripping the rest of us off.

At the high levels of Freemasonry, homosexuality and child rape/murder is practiced.

Look up Alistair Crowleys writings, his OTO is masonic, many masons were angry at him for spilling the beans.

Freemasons started Jehovah's witnesses and Mormonism.
Both practice Ritual satanic abuse and MKULTRA for the government.

I think MI6 started Scientology. Which is based on the Lucifarian crap of Alistair Crowley.

Sodomy is considered the best tool for mind control, both occult and MKULTRA, you can't separate them.

Lucretia said...

Ritual satanic abuse/mind control, child sacrifice is part of occult Judaic practices.

Its why Jews were kicked out of 142 countries. People were sick if finding white children murdered, with their blood drained.

The blood was used for Passover bread.

Eventually the Jews decided to take this stuff underground, and limited occult practices to particular families who had practiced and bred their children for generations, in occultism.

These families provide babies bred to a young girl, served by a warlock.

These babies are sacrificed.

Its know one is sacrificed prior the release of a Disney movie, to get success.

This also happens under the Vatican.

The Jews learned these practices from Egyptian royalty.

Freemasons do the same, some say Freemasonry was created as a cover for the jews and their practices.

Police and military are/were primarily Freemasons and are essential in the child trafficking business.

Hillsong church is part of it too.

In America, the CIA and FBI traffick the drugs and children.

Lucretia said...

In Australia, its known that Kerry Packer, James father, and Rupert Murdoch are pedophiles and Lucifarians.

Its online, few of their victims are still alive.

Lucretia said...

Try looking up Fiona Barnett MKULTRA ritual Satanic Abuse.

She was a child victim, her polish grandmother and boyfriend Lucifarians.

Fiona was IQ assessed and placed in the government/military/intelligence program MKULTRA.

She experienced ritual satanic abuse, she was raped by numerous politicians and others, including in Parliament house.

She was sent on a military plane to the US, were she was raped by Nixon and sent it to Bohemian Grove, and was part of a group of children,who were hunted.

She was taken to an underground military base in Australia.

For about two weeks, she was locked in a cage, in a dark room.

There were many other children in cages there, they lived there.

Its so sad, the children told her they were waiting for the man with the light around his head.

She told them, he was Jesus.

The MKULTRA program was based at Sydney university.

Fiona Barnett was being groomed to be a priestess.

She was hundreds of children being murdered.

Unfortunately for the assholes, when the government cult ritually murdered the current priestess, Fiona Barnett freaked out, and instead of taking over the role, finally told her mum, they had to go on the run.

Fiona was 16 by then.

Lucretia said...

The banker thought he was safe, because he didn't mention names.

He was killed recently.

Look up Ritual Satanic Abuse
Then search it with Freemasonry, Judaism and other religions.

Then search MKULTRA, then MKULTRA ritual satanic abuse.

Unknown said...

This is the guy: http://yournewswire.com/banker-sacrifice-children-illuminati/

TBM said...


designace001 said...

@Schneiderisnext Going down now. #operationbackyardbrawl
See @11:23 Phoenix DC is standing by to take any trafficked individuals found. Very disconcerting, all of it.


Mary Lamb said...

Where did the trafficked people go? Is there any background info, such as when the camps were found and who found them? TIA

Unknown said...

Is it Skull Valley AZ, just 12 miles away from an all-male sex addiction treatment facility in Prescott, AZ? https://www.prescotthouse.com/ Skull Valley Bible Church has a PO Box for an address, town only has around 500+/- people. New Church called Sadhana Societyformed in 1976 http://www.nonprofitfacts.com/AZ/Sadhana-Society.html

Unknown said...

You really know nothing about the occult I'd tou don't think sodomy and pedophilia are magical rites. Crowley is as far as you need look

molly said...

Remember reading some time ago about Larry Summers...as clinton's under sec. of treasury, Mexico applied for a loan from the US govt. Congress would not pass it. So Robert Rubin and Larry Summers got the money for the loan, through what I remember as being the Global Initiative. BUT..they required a quick pay back . So, Mexicans who had a loan on their house , vehicle or business for about 7% were saddled with loans of app. 30%. This was the beginning of the enormous influx of Mexicans to the US to find work.Alan Greenspan stated in his memoirs that he formed a lasting bond with both men at the brilliance. g bush then , in the next administration, decreased funding for border patrol.This supplied huge numbers , not only of a slave class, but children of deported family members, where do they go? If our govt. truly had ever wanted to do anything about it, they would have fined the employers.So, we can thank the Global Initiative, clintons and larry summers for our "problem" with immigrants. Nobody seems to ask the question, why did they start flooding into our country in such huge numbers? Esp. states that could use them for farm labor. At one time smithfield ham and hormel ham ONLY used immigrant labor. Cuts way down on any benefits expected from employers.

A.Claire said...

I live in northern AZ, there are weirdos here, FLDS, next door neighbors... There are two sects, one who is diminished, and one who is thriving. There is an airport near by. Quite a few nefarious people have been known to have stayed here. But the only new place I know of is a particularly new one, since the old hats have left, I'll try to look into it.

Also - there are a ton of rehabs in Prescott. There is a local airport there as well.

LoudcloudsBushwick said...

Craig Sawman Sawyer's sister #operationbackyardbrawl

ehige said...

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ehige said...

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ehige said...

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ehige said...

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