Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Blind Item #10

This entertainer turned wannabe A+ list mostly movie actor still has at least two women blowing up his phone who he has been hooking up with. I don't think this reunion with the ex is going to last long.


sandybrook said...


Tricia13 said...

John Cena

Itttt said...

Channing Taint-umz?

Sara, Making It Work said...


Brayson87 said...

"Am I awake?
What time is it?
Is it that time again?
Wasnt it already then
So does it has to be that time it was again
When I get through this day,
Can someone tell me how
And how much longer now?
Am I awake?"

JT0130 said...

I think this is Cena. Tatum can not be considered wanna be after the success of MM and 21 jump street.

Lurky McLurkster said...

Weren't there some blinds after the break up that Cena is in the closet??

The Rock fits better because there is no way Cena is a A+ movie actor. Johnson has the HBO show to make him an almost.

Poor Mick said...

The Rock was in like half the summer blockbusters last year, he's A+ and only moonlights back in the ring when he's bored or it's Wrestlemania. John's still trying to claw his way out of the middling comedy zone with stuff like the cockblocking parents movie this year. If this is about a wrestler, it's absolutely about Cena.

nonyabusiness said...

Yes @Lurky. Saw them on Blind Gossip too.

Green Tea said...

I think it's suspect that all this Bella/Cena drama occured just in time for the Total Bellas season 3 premier (May 20). I'm not buying it.

Count Jerkula said...

Cena/Bella are 2 low rent carnies at the end of their runs, trying tonwerk as many dollars out of rubes as they can.

Flat out whores have more dignity than carnies. Look at the Hart family. Only one worthy of oxygen was Owen.


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