Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 14, 2018

There was a law passed a few years ago in California, which was supposed to help protect children working in entertainment from child molesters.  Unfortunately, it looks like nobody in the business is in compliance with this law, and nobody really cares, either.

Hollywood Child Protection Act


Adrian Grimples said...

I don't know exactly why but the 'reveal' of the name of the law is hilarious to me.

Ernie McCracken said...

Damn! If only it was against the law to molest children, then Hollywood would would finally stop!

Newbomb said...

There's also a law against molesting children that doesn't seem to stop child molesters.

ramble said...

Why is this a blind?

ElwoodHamster said...

@Adrian Me too! I hope the law doesn't sue hahaha

plot said...

The law is only as strong as the people willing to come forward to the cops and testify during depositions and trials.

Otherwise the law is unenforceable.

Support victims.

Guesser said...

I think the point was to show that the new regulations they are enacting in Hollywood are just a joke. Of course the laws already exist, but Hollywood always worked around child labor laws,and as a result, left children at higher risk for sexual abuse.

T. W. said...

@Guesser +1

longtimereader said...

It's kinda like the wall st. regulations under obama, if no one is interested in prosecuting, does the law exist?

plot said...

I don't think the new regulations are intended to be "a joke".

What measures would you put in place to protect children in any industry where their presence is so essential like Hollywood?

Sure H'wood has worked around the child labor laws (see the killings in the Twilight Zone movie for more info on that. Spielberg was whisked away immediately afterwards so the studio could claim he wasn't on set and didn't give the okay for shooting a scene that violated all kinds of union and child labor laws.)

Do you think it is realistic to ban children from films, shows and advertising? Seriously.

What kind of proof is going to be needed to put a predator away? Finding child porn is a brilliant way of catching predators, because no children have to testify. How would you prosecute someone when the abused are unwilling or unable to testify? Again, seriously.

plot said...


The regulations under obama WERE practiced and did a hell of a lot of good for us citizens. Believe me, lots of fraud and money laundering was uncovered and prosecuted because banks suddenly had to keep strict accounting practices.

You DON'T want those rules gone, trust me. Those and others have been very very beneficial in lots of ways.

Just because you don't see a prosecution, doesn't mean they didn't happen and that the rules meant nothing.

sandybrook said...

The bank\ securities legislations are still around just totally useless now that Trump stripped all the power from the legislation to favor the banks.

Brayson87 said...

This blind is one of Enty's public services and he should be celebrated for bringing attention to something most of the media seems happy to ignore. Even wikipedia doesn't have an entry for it. You'd think with a $10,000 fine the state would be eager to grab that money.

We'd don't need to jump into unrelated political comparisons, this blind is important. All the publicists, managers, acting coaches and headshot photographers have to do is verify they're not registered sex offenders if they want to work with kids. It's not a big ask.

Deadline Hollywood has excellent article about it:

Unknown said...

No one ever believes people who say things like "believe me"!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sara, Making It Work said...

Nobody said that, maybe dial it down a bit.
One commenter (responding to why Enty would bother making this a blind) suggested that Enty posted this to show what a joke it is to have made the new regulations. Because nobody is taking them seriously. That's not are all what you said. Your outrage is misdirected.

Unknown said...

Everyone knows criminals don't follow laws!

plot said...


So because criminals still commit crimes, we should have no laws?

Terribly confused on what your point is here.

Newbomb said...

You have to have laws so you can prosecute the bad guys when you catch them.

Don Kieballs said...

BizParentz Foundation tries to keep an eye out, or at least appears to

plot said...


We do have laws. We can prosecute bad guys.

MichiganMama59 said...

Hollywad Phonies strike again.

NancyFromNebraska said...

Sooooooo, how is the Hollywood Child Protection Act any different than "Don't Fuck Children Because it is Wrong"? The super sad reality is that kids are going to be molested, raped, and exploited regardless of whether they are child actors or middle class kids in the Midwest. And all kids in between. Are kids in H-Wood exposed to more of the sickness? Maybe. That their parent/s are willing to turn a blind eye to the abuse ultimately distills down to the fact that these people view their children as a form of currency. Hollywood, CA or Columbus, OH - the mentality is the same: Human life is valuable as a commodity. That is all.

Sal T said...

Pretty sure the victims and most decent human beings care Enty. The law needs to be enforced.

Guesser said...

@plot,Hollywood treats children as essential,but disposable commodities. Younger children should never be left alone in a dangerous environment,whether it is working in Hollywood, or at McDonald's. You know they are given exemptions for longer hours and being exposed to things children are not capable of understanding. They also need a safe person or place so things can be stopped quickly. They need to know if they tell someone they won't be shamed or kept from doing work they love or happen to be good at. Finding Child Porn is not brilliant,because it means the crime already occurred. Kids need to be able to go to school, church, scout camp,or yes,even star in a movie without being in the company of predators.

Schneiderisnext said...

I'm actually totally for banning kids from Hollywood/tv/stage. (I'm sure @plot will hate that)

Fuck it. Let's also get rid of kids in stage shows. Coachella did a Tupac hologram. The tech exists.

We now have cgi. There really isn't any excuse.

It's obviously child labor. Literally every other labor field prevents kids from working so they aren't taken advantage of.

Are we really so selfish that we demand entertainment with REAL CHILDREN when we know many will be abused/raped.

Anyone want to change my view?

plot said...


"Hollywood treats children as essential,but disposable commodities."

Hollywood treats everyone like disposable commodities. That's why you have so many psychotically insecure people there.

"Finding Child Porn is not brilliant"

Poor use of words on my part, sorry for that. What I meant is that the sticking point of most prosecutions of child abusers is that the kids either can't or won't testify against them. It's often cruel to the abused children to pressure them into testifying. What is "brilliant" (god, so ashamed for writing that) about porn is that the pedophile is caught without a child having to bear witness.

That is one of the reasons, in the great debate over whether watching child porn is actually a crime, I come down firmly on the side of Yes.

" Kids need to be able to go to school, church, scout camp,or yes,even star in a movie without being in the company of predators."

Until there is some magical test to determine who is a predator and who isn't before they act on it, kids are going to be in their presence in one form or another. It's been the divine right of men since the onset of civilization to take whatever they desire. Anything weaker than the man could be plundered as his birthright. Changing that paradigm isn't easy and might be impossible.

All we can do, at this point, is construct protections for children ( all victims for that matter) and provide tools to build a healthy life should they be abused.

BRAD PITT said...

did you all know spielberg contacted polanski back in the 90s

he wanted polanski to direct schindlers list

there are no photos of spielberg and polanski together but he contacted that animal after he drugged and anally raped a child


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