Friday, May 04, 2018

Blind Item #1

Apparently this former A+ list singer/child molester has delivered a record to his label. The question is now whether the label will release it. My guess is they will delay it as long as possible.


lynn said...

R Kelly

HoneyRyder said...

+1 when it does release, John Oliver could do a review and make another innocuous “google it” statement? One can dream.

Moose said...

Do you even need a label to release a record anymore? Maybe there are contractual reasons he had to turn it in to them, but I'm also sure if he had any kind of lawyer negotiating his deal, they either have to release it, or have to drop him, leaving him free to release it himself, or on some small label that would probably gobble it up.

Face it, this guy has been a know pervert for ages, and he still has a large fan base.

Todd Gross said...

If it is R Kelly, I wouldn't be surprised if he needs money right about now. By delivering a record to the label that is probably part of his contract, he is daring them to release it. If they don't, they will be in breach of contract and owe him money. The label will probably give him a payout to end the contract and be done with him forever. Kelly gets his much needed cash and can release the album on his own thereby keeping a larger chunk of the pie. Everyone is happy.

dave peters said...

Variety recently discussed R Kelly's contract:

Recording agreements are usually structured whereby after an album is released, the label has the option to continue the contract for another period or album. Kelly’s last proper studio album, “The Buffet,” was released on RCA in December of 2015. (He issued a Christmas-themed outing in 2016, but such releases are often considered differently contractually, Frank notes.)

“Most of the time, the label would have the option to exercise its right to another contract period — usually there’s a number of them, for well-established artist it’s going to be 2 to 4 contract periods, and usually for legacy artists the delivery commitment is one album per contract period,” Frank says. “So assuming they are not finished exercising options and RCA has not exercised its next option — once R. Kelly sends them notice [reminding RCA that they have not exercised the option], they have 30 days to do so. If they don’t exercise, they’re out of contract.

“So actually, they could be in that situation,” she says. “The chances are pretty good that, since his last record was so long ago, something has happened. [If Kelly sent them notice], RCA could let the 30 days run out and not exercise its option and then be free from the agreement, without any damages.”

Frank confirmed that such a course would be RCA’s smoothest exit from its contract with Kelly.

Brayson87 said...

+1 lynn, probably waiting to see if he'll get caught with more child cages.

Dusty Fairy said...

Was R K A+?

Moose said...

Kelly was def A+ - huge for two decades plus. "I Beleive I Can Fly" is one of the great anthems of all time. "Trapped In the Closet" is legendary. And his tours sold out worldwide for years/

filmfanb said...

Ya R Kelly is def former A+ Infact his name alone could be considered Permanent A

T. W. said...


Chance the Rapper released an album without one.

Maybe R. Kelly is contractually obligated to put out a certain number of albums with the label.

His songs are good but I won't be buying the album. The man lived a sad life & while it is understandable this helped him turn out the way he did, he could have turned out different. Sad.

T. W. said...

@Dusty Fairy



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