Saturday, June 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 15, 2018

This knepadding tabloid doesn't want to upset any of the stars that have been caught up in the periphery of the sex cult by calling it a sex cult. So, they refer to it as a self help group and make it as bland as possible Can't afford to take a chance and call out anyone they may need a favor from in the future, so just put their head in the sand.



Unknown said...

I'm super confused. We get two blinds on the same day, one saying the sex cult is just LARPing when they claim celebs as members and another saying this? The various Enty's should talk a bit before posting.

IanPhlegming said...

People are missing the point. The first blind today is saying the media is being made to look ridiculous because they're NOT reporting the "tips." They aren't "tips," they're blatant facts that the media is ignoring.

We know Richard Branson, Tom Welling, Kristen Kreuk, the other "Smallville" actress I can't remember; all were involved. There's probably a ton more than that. How much reporting has there been about it? How about the politicians?

Almost nothing. The media is being made to look ridiculous because they refuse to report the facts. It's a huge coverup and the media as manipulation machine becomes more clear by the day (not that it can get too much more clear).

Guesser said...

It is becoming clearer every day that this is more than a sex cult,more like human trafficking and/or money laundering. A lot of political,business and show business people are going to get caught up in this. There is good reason for the $5 million bail. She better watch her back,or maybe neck.

designace001 said...

Also the oft missed (completely unreported) fact that the charges were for Sex Trafficking Minor (under the age of 14). Why is that part always omitted? It's right there plain as day on the Indictment.

Title 18,
United States Code, Sections 1591(a)(l), 1591(a)(2), and 1591(b)(l).


Unknown said...

I predict there will be more celebrities killing themselves the near future. Involuntary suicide.

Boo said...

@DDonna Tarttty, where did you find out that Tom Welling is involved? I'm a big fan of his, watched all 10 years of Smallville, I'll be crushed. I sort of knew that he was a bit of an asshole and was potentially Zac Efron's drug buddy when Zac crashed thru a glass table? I believe there were blinds then, but I choose to LA LA LA it out of my head. However, THIS I cannot stand by. Nope. Thanks doll.

Jennifer Tyler said...

Do people still buy People. Is this how they make money now- work as undisclosed publicists. Can't be making money subscriptions.

I have not bought a tabloid or magazines like People in decades. I see them at the nail salon sometimes but even they have better quality magazines like Hello to peruse.

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YeahYouKnowThatsRight said...

I just did a quick search and came up with two articles from people magazine reporting the same things as other media outlets and in neither article did they refer to it as a self help group. LIES.


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