Friday, June 22, 2018

Random Photos Part Two

Snoop Dogg and LL Cool J performed last night in LA while
Harry Styles did the solo thing in New York City.
Katie Holmes picking up a few bucks while
Mike Colter and his wife hit up a red carpet.
Margot Robbie headed to dinner last night while
Natalie Dormer hit up a Tiffany's party.
Naomie Harris looking lovely in London.


Brayson87 said...

Well now we know what Harry's O face looks like.

J said...

I love the St. Ides shirt!

In the immortal words of Ice Cube:

"S. T. Crooked-I. D. E. S.

Guaranteed... to get a big booty undressed!"

Sd Auntie said...

Interesting outfit on Harry Styles!

Lurky McLurkster said...

Penn Station was inundated with teen girls last night because of that jackass

Jennifer said...

What an awkward pose for the Colters... Is she pregnant and he's directing focus to the bump, or what?

cheesegrater15 said...

Natalie's been Hollywoodized. She needs to gain about 10 pounds.

JL said...


Boots said...

Damn, Margot! Looking Good!

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Sierra said...

You give us Meghan Markle - we give give you Harry Styles - a fair swap?

longtimereader said...

Two GOAT's on stage at the same time, i wish i was at that gig.

Manuél Bun said...

Natalie Dormer kicked me with her knife point shoe and I liked it


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