Thursday, June 14, 2018

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Would you like to be included with these soulmates. Yes, I think they are. Robert Pattinson rid himself of AKA Sticks and Mia Wasikowska rid herself of Jesse "The a-hole" Eisenberg. Anyway, if you would like your photo included, I think there are about 11 chances remaining. Email your photo to

Two parts today.
Rosario Dawson doing a charity thing last night.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3 wins the Photoshop award of the day.
Reader #4 wins the creativity award.
Andy Samberg and Terry Crews talking about Brooklyn 99.


Glue said...

Love Reader #4 photo.

Thonker said...

Sarah Palin is a reader? slay (no offense, I'm joking)

sandybrook said...

Hi Readers!lucky #3 gets to steal Hot Ginge from Meghan!
Is Mia still considered a pro beard?😙

Jennifer said...

These readers look like celebs!!

Very funny #4!!! 😂

Brayson87 said...

I totally thought for a second that Reader #1 was the actor from MTV's Dead at 21 lol

Dead at 21intro w/ credits (1994 MTV)

Tuesdi said...

Great photos, Readers!

Sara, Making It Work said...


IanPhlegming said...

Super great reader photos today.

Rosario looks fantastic, which makes me happy. Seems to be one of the best human beings in Hollywood.

Jesse Eisenberg reeks of repulsion, though that did make him the perfect actor to play Zuckerberg.

shakey said...

Reader 1 - you look like my nephew but with better long hair!

bdm said...

I love these photos. It really made my day! You people are awesome! Awesome!

MichiganMama59 said...

Mr. Colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colonel Blake said...

Reader 1: If I were 20 years younger, we'd hook up. Yup, seriously would.

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Tooszie said...

I think I've seen some of those reader photo's on here before. 🤔


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