Sunday, September 16, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 16, 2017

There is a woman in this church who has agreed to have sex with this disgraced former reality star whenever he needs a change of pace from his wife. She gets paid by the church for these activities. These people are so strange. On the surface everything looks so good and then you start to dig and it is a mess.

Josh Duggar


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plot said...

Word is that when Josh was a teenager he was regularly molesting one girl at his church. The elders said that unless he "willingly" shaved his head and departed immediately for prayer camp, they were going to shave her head as a sinner as well. Can't call law enforcement or find some good therapy for the kids, hell no!

Yeah, fucked up.

HeatherBee said...

Does this church provide the same service for all parishioners? This sounds kinda whackadoodle.

Mystique99 said...

As a local, seeing her in public, I used to feel bad for his wife when all this hit the fan - incest, molesting, screwing strippers bareback, etc. She had 3 kids with him at the time. I know the arranged marriages and brainwashing, but still...NW Arkansas is not Siberia, she could have left anytime and many people with money here would have been more than willing to help since the Duggars are not THAT popular outside their cult. Yeah they have influential associates, but they're not the Mafia. But nope, after a separation that wasn't, she went right back and is now supposedly working on #6 with the pig. Not only is she going to end up with a disease antibiotics don't cure, I honestly fear for all those little ones she is exposing to a known predator. Makes me sick.

sandybrook said...

She must have millions now, just for having to look at this churl,much less screw him.

Wendy said...

Anna's parents are the same as the Duggars, they are grown up thinking they are "lesser" than men, so I'm going to assume Anna thinks that she did something wrong that made Josh cheat. Word is that she and her parents knew all about his sister molesting past before she married him.

Meredith said...

According to Free Jinger and other sources Anna was told by her parents not to leave him. She did have one brother who said he would support her, but everyone else in her life basically said if she left him she couldn't have the children, she had no education, or job history and probably cannot function outside the cult.

plot said...

Anna is also making the only income for her family by being on the new Duggar show occasionally, while the Fat Molester is hanging out at the Used Car Lot where all the Duggar boys claim to "work".

Unknown said...

"On the surface everything looks so good and then you start to dig and it is a mess."

Which basically explains most churches.

Randaleese said...

Wow! No shyte Sherlock. This is neither blind nor new.

Thot Crimes said...

When the accused is a Christian @plot believes the word on the street regarding molestation rumors, but if it's a tribe member, the accusers are lunatic conspiracy fringe qanon infowars trump-loving gullible russian bots in it for the sport of the great pedo hunt.


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