Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards Photos Part Four

Tina Fey
Rachel Brosnahan
Constance Wu
Tracee Ellis Ross
Darren Criss
Gwendoline Christie
Evan Rachel Wood


Tuesdi said...

For once ERW isn't wearing a suit. I like the dress. I like Tina's too. That is the first miss (for me) as far as what Constance Wu is wearing - I've loved most of hers this past month.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Gwendoline Christie looks high.

B626 said...

Criss looks so sinister and well put together
The persona Andrew Cunanan would have loved
to inhabit

Sd Auntie said...

Really do not care for Tracee's dress. She is tall and slim, why hide under all those clothes! Her mom did the same.

BestMan said...

Oh Tracee...fire who picked that dress out.

Brayson87 said...

This round is won for the ladies by Rachel Brosnahan, so subtly elegant, but Gwendoline Christie gets honorable mention, such a fun look on her.
For the men, Darren Criss only by default, nothing subtle or bold there with that mishmash although the lines are nice.

ERW as always looks like she'd f*ck you up.

zerooptions said...

Cotton candy!

Bitchysoisse said...

Tracee: looks like she wrapped up in several wadded-up hot pink snuggies
Darren Criss: "hey does my suit look too boring?"
Designer: "Hmm, I do believe you're right..."(swipes a paintbrush dipped in bleach over the suit a few times)
Designer: You're good to go now Darren."
Darren Criss: " Thanks, hun, you're the best!!!" (Kisses cheek, swishes out to the limo).


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