Friday, October 26, 2018

Blind Item #2

This former naked celebrity turned host turned reality star turned actress turned host has a group of women in LA that she kind of preaches to about her beliefs. Now, one of those women is about to lose custody of her child because of those beliefs.


Boozie said...

jenny m

Ophelia said...

anti vaxxing for the belief causing a custody dispute?

Guesser said...

+ to the first 2 answers and reason.

Flashy Vic said...


You would hope so, only in the sense that if it isn't due to a custody dispute and it's the authorities doing it then that place is no better than communist China .

I think antivax stuff is utter bullshit by the way, just in case you think I back any of those moronic fucknuggets.

Super Comic Fun Time! said...

Candice Cotton for the friend?

parissucksliterally said...

Jenny McCarthy is such an asshole. And she is not funny. She made fart jokes and stupid faces. This is comedy?

Ophelia said...

@Lonely yeah don't think authorities can do much but a concerned parent can. Glad some schools are requiring them though to protect their immune-compromised students.

It blows my mind that she reinforced such a stigma against autism. Like she has these women convinced that exposing their children to measles or polio is better.

plot said...


The problem is that people who don't vaccinate their children are putting other kids at risk, kids who either can't be vaccinated because of other health risks or babies too young to be vaccinated.

The eradication of lethal childhood illnesses depends on herd immunity.

It may feel like Commie China to you, but sometimes the collective good is appropriate. If the anti-vaxers want to move somewhere and watch their children die of diphtheria without compromising the rest of us, fine by me. Are they willing to go that far for their sacred beliefs? Not a chance.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

It's been what 20 years since that now disbarred British doctor falsely ranted about vaccinations?

I'm truly surprised -- and shouldn't be -- to see that some are still prophesying his anti-vaccination rant. It was debunked 20 years ago.

My now adult children were vaccinated and they grew up healthy during this time.

Anyone following this false rant is putting infants -- and other children who are too young for vaccinations -- at risk.

Unknown said...

Are there Fucknuggets on the Wahlburgers' menu?
I wanted the Jen's sandwich
But her fee was too high
๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ”

IanPhlegming said...

The term "herd immunity" says it all. These people see us as cattle.

In 1986, Ronald Reagan made it impossible to sue pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injuries. The onus was placed on the government. The government has paid out nearly $4 BILLION for vaccine injuries since then. Taxpayer money.

Since 1986, the number of suggested vaccines for children in the first year has tripled. The number of autistic children has skyrocketed.

As have allergies, childhood sickness, obesity, and--since the big push for HPV--a drop in pregnancy for women.

"Herd immunity." Uh-huh. That's for sheep. And cattle. And pigs. And you?

Flashy Vic said...


A few things.

1) It's seems clear that it's a custody battle rather than a child being involuntarily taken from it's parents by authorities, so my original point is moot.

2) There are far better and easier ways of making misguided parents get their children vaccinated.
Benefit withholding or raising insurance premiums where appropriate for a start. And also (as mentioned above) immunisation certificates before allowed any schooling are just three that spring to mind before diving pell mell into government polizei or commissars ripping a child away from a misguided but otherwise probably loving and stable family.
Putting such kids into government or local authority care is, I believe, a far, far, far greater risk to the child than it possibly contracting a disease at some nebulous time in the future.
Nothing bad ever happens to kids in care, does it.

Again I have to stress that to deny your kids getting vaccinated is an incredibly dumb thing to do but on a scale of risk comparing it to things that are of far greater risk to children that authorities are quite happy to let go without so much as a by your leave or an iota of concern for the child, then it's still pretty damn low.

Now the reputation of doctors has taken a bit of a bruising in the past few decades, and rightly so. But I am still going to chance it and take the word of the concensus of trained medical professionals rather than that of some good looking cretin who got her (admittedly impressive) tits out in some soft core grumble mag and once (twice or more) sucked Jim Carrey off.

plot said...

Guess what else has increased since 1986? A HUGE increase in use of plastics. The number of chemicals in our water and air that are untested by the FDA and EPA (thank-you Republicans for killing the updating of standards there!) The use of anti-bacterials in absolutely EVERYTHING that kills good and bad bacteria indiscriminately and only temporarily which makes bad bacteria ever stronger. The rise in experimental untested treatments and bogus "natural" supplements. The diagnosis of autism for a broad range of childhood behaviors making it a rather squishy designation. Increased class sizes leading to parents and teachers wanting to medicate more children for class stability, leading to more convenient diagnoses for insurance coverage. Huge increases in processed food consumption with misleading food labeling and, SURPRISE, increased allergies in people that manifest in digestion and possibly immune system issues. Are we also testing all Chinese ingredients? Oh hell no.

What else? Big Pharma pay outs to politicians so their new drugs gain test exemptions or they handle the testing themselves under their own conditions. Also, Big Pharma suspending the production of drugs that don't make them enough money to force patients to buy their new, barely tested, drugs that perform badly compared to the older drugs.

But everything, all ills, come down to vaccinations. Sure.

plot said...


"Putting such kids into government or local authority care is, I believe, a far, far, far greater risk to the child"

Absolutely. Where have I suggested that an alternative for anti-vaxxers is the foster care system, though? I agree with all your suggested measures.

Flashy Vic said...

Yeah, though foster care is fraught with risk. I don't know how foster parents are vetted over there but here in the UK it seems frighteningly lax.

And, again,I would only use that as a very last resort and even then I would want to see some other evidence of child endangerment other than non vaccination. I honestly think it would be more effective (& and cheaper, if you're a local government wallah of the who seems to value this over everything else)to use punitive financial measures.

Thorne said...

There is a distinct possibility that environmental contaminants are triggering the development of autism in some children, but sure, let's blame vaccines instead of remediating soil and water pollution.

IanPhlegming said...

This is not an either/or question. My children have had SOME vaccinations. I am not an anti-Vaxxer.

And it is, indeed, a full-spectrum assault upon humanity, as others have tried to deflect towards. Our environment on MULTIPLE physical and psychological levels is under constant assault to keep us from reaching our potential, so the despicable satanic cabal that has ruled for too long (but is currently under extreme duress) can keep us divided, dumbed-down, deviant.

But there is no reason for a newborn to get a Hepatitis C shot. Zero reason, other than profit, that is. A small percentage of children have had scientifically confirmed terrible reactions to this shot. Your newborn doesn't need it, even as the hospital nurses will try to force it on you because your insurance will pay for it.

Moreover, while there has been vaccine testing on SOLO shots, there has never been any testing on COMBO shots, like the MMR virus.

When measles, mumps, rubella shots were given at longer intervals, kids seemed to do okay. Now that they are packaged all at once, there have been many more correlative bad reactions. You can listen to the people who will say that's coincidence. I don't.

More and more shots, yet no long-term studies to see the reactions from a lifetime of 60, 70, 100 shots if you get the flu vaccine every year (which you shouldn't--it rarely works and for the first 24 hours, 30% of people who get it are throwing off the germs from it!).

I would advise parents to get SOME vaccines for their kids, but space them out and don't overdo it. The rest of the kids around the developed world--Europe, Asia, South America--don't get nearly as many shots--LESS THAN HALF.

Vaccines are big money. It should be clear big pharma doesn't care about you. It wants to bleed you dry. And it's the biggest advertiser on television, so don't expect your news channels to tell you anything truthful about it.

If you want to know just how corrupt the whole vaccine/pharma industry is, Robert Kennedy Jr. is where you should look, not Jenny McCarthy. The success he's had in a few recent lawsuits will be an eye opener, I promise. Robert Kennedy is also leading the fight against Monsanto and Roundup, too. If people are looking for modern Democratic heroes, maybe they should start there!

Brayson87 said...

Anti-vaxing would only really be possible if they passed a law allowing the rest of us to let children die for their parents' stupidity. Pass the law, the children die off, anti-vaxers' numbers dwindle, problem solves itself in a generation or two.

Or you could just call it child neglect.

Scandi Sanskrit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scandi Sanskrit said...

It wouldn’t be like “communist China”, tho. Because commie China blantantly violated human rights.

A healthy respect of human rights is when we allow people to practice their human rights as long as it doesn’t interfere/infringe upon other people’s rights (especially that of minors, and even if it’s your own offspring—and minors should always come first).

So for example, as adults we have freedom of expression/speech, but if by doing so we rob a child of their childhood innocence, then we shouldn’t be allowed to speak publicly in the presence of children or wait until children closest to us have reached adult age before you publish that book (“fame momentum” be damned).

And anyway, anti-vaxxing isn’t even about an individual child’s right to live a healthy life anymore, it’s a public health issue.

If some people are so concerned about the side-effects, they can put time between the vaccinations (I forgot the English term/idiom for it—“spacing them out” or something). It’s easier on the body and should minimise the supposed side-effect, I heard.

Are human paediatricians not communicating this to their patients’ parents/guardians?

Because even VETS tell this to pet owners who own under-12-month-old kittens! ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿป‍♀️ The vaccinations for my kittens had to be given one month apart, but my 1-year-old kitten weighed enough to handle the 2nd and 3rd vaccinations rolled into one. ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ

They don’t allow you to get your cats neutered/spayed until all the vaccinations are in order because the procedure involves in-patient treatment and if they’re unvaccinated, they become hazards to the other animals in the hospital and to themselves.

I’m no expert, but it’s all sorts of selfish and inconsiderate IMHO.

No play dates with unvaccinated children, sorry.

GentleBreeze said...

My grandson has not been circumcised. His pediatrician says medically it wasn't necessary. I'm kinda proud of my daughter and son-in-law.

hhstarr said...

Vaccines don't cause autism. Plain and simple.

Melinda9 said...

@DDonnaTarttty - Newborns get the Hepatitis B shot not C.
Herd immunity is a term that refers to the fact that when a preponderance of a herd (such as the human race) have immunity to a pathogen it protects all members even those who cannot be vaccinated for some real reason such as being a newborn. If herd immunity breaks down babies under 3 months will be more and more at risk from measles, whooping cough, diphtheria.

plot said...


IIRC, my dogs couldn't attend group activities with other dogs until they were 12 or 16 weeks, old enough to have their Parvo shots. People tend to understand dog vaccines well enough but join the competitive Best Mommy game with their kids. My SIL could have been one of those mommies, acupuncture and massage for the kids from infancy, but my brother put his foot down. They compromised with spaced out vaccinations and my nephew caught chicken pox during one of the interims. He still blames his mother for the scars on his forehead (vain little fucker) but it could have ended up more seriously.

If there were anyway for current anti-vaxxers to talk to their grandmothers like mine who lost 4 siblings to disease or their great-grandmothers who lost half their children post birth to their helplessness over human contagions, maybe they would come around. There is nothing sacred about death and sickness and it doesn't make a person more noble for going through it as a patient or attentive mommy. Death is real. Disfigurement and life long afflictions are real. It's not a fantasy game for mommies to play with.

plot said...


Your skepticism is both healthy and unhealthy, I think. We're all not as blind to the corruption of Big Pharma in our lives but blaming satanic forces sends all agreement with you to a screeching halt. Nevermind, I'm learning to ignore that and deal with your often well stated points.

I do agree that Big Pharma is treating the general population like their own mass study of many many drugs and combinations. One of my deals with my doctor is I don't want to be prescribed any drugs developed after 2000, and if possible long before, because with the Bush administration and Medicare part D the testing of drugs became obsolete. Shit is advertised on TV, and like good little bozos, we gobble it up. Remember those omnipresent ads for Yaz, the spectacular new birth control pill for women? Yeah, fuckt young women right up and now it's disappeared in a whiff of smoke, no MDS prescribing it anymore, with nary a whimper of public outcry. Yay us.

I've watched a couple nephews (I have a lot of those) go through a huge reaction to their megadoses of vaccines at 4 months (is that right?) It's not pretty, almost distressing, to watch. Both kids were swollen all over and extremely uncomfortable. One nephew caught a pretty mild case of chickenpox during one interim of spaced out vaccines. I completely understand the parental alarm over that and why they would tell others to space out the vaccinations. But other niblings of mine experienced no side effects and all have grown normally, well, as normally as my family makes them anyway.

The vaccination issue is the first Sword of Damocles situation parents must face and hopefully the only one. In comparison to our forebears, it's fucking NOTHING . They would come rushing to the MDs to save their kids from the agony they well knew.

BWT, I do have the flu vaccine every year, early in October. I've had long discussions with both my MD and independent pharmacist about it and decided it's worth it, especially if I travel. I do understand your skepticism though and respect those who avoid it.

I'll look up Robert Kennedy's lawsuits. His work on the environment is impressive.

IanPhlegming said...

No tests have been done to see a body's reaction to multiple vaccines applied simultaneously. Not one.

No studies have been done to see the cumulative effect of al lifetime of vaccines. None are planned, either.

The government made it illegal in 1986 to sue pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injury. Why?

The government has paid out nearly $4 BILLION to American families who have suffered vaccine injuries since 1986. Why?

As for people who absurdly won't let their children play with unvaccinated kids--if your kid's got the shots, why are you concerned?

Anyone who has an open mind will note that all the pushback I'm getting doesn't address a single one of the points I've made but for Hep shots, and the point that was made was half a lie.

What we see here is the usual "All vaccinations are always good 100% of the time!" argument, which is propaganda pushed by the incredibly rich and powerful pharma companies that rule news media.

Plus we see Plot=TWISTED weighing in on how vaccines are so essential and always safe. That alone should give any regular reader here concern.

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Velvet Voice said...

Let me tell you something about vaccination ...

I live in Argentina and it s very much reccomended to get one for pneumonia when you are an elderly person

My mom always refuse to get a shot

I lost my mom 3 weeks ago due to pneumonia ..


Scandi Sanskrit said...

Sorry about your mom, Velvet Voice.

Velvet Voice said...

@Scandi Sanskrit

Thanks sweety

My mom was basically my only relative so like a friend told me now I m really alone


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