Saturday, October 27, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 21, 2018

This A list singer might be grieving but it didn't stop her from yelling at her assistant and calling her a "stupid b***h" for getting her order wrong at Starbucks. Looks like she is back to her old ways.

Ariana Grande


Unknown said...

Stupid bitch insults other stupid bitch. News at 11.

sandybrook said...

Bitch you didn't tell her specific donuts you told her lattes and donuts😜

Unknown said...

Errrr .. not nice to say that but she was hungry.. starvation is bad 😉

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New Degas said...

Is she back to licking donuts and insulting overweight Americans?

IanPhlegming said...

When the BDE leaves, you get cranky.

Unknown said...

She was my second guess. My first guess was me, and woman, singer, and celebrity was code for a guy who works at a metals company, and personal assistant referred to interns at my office. It always helps to cry in proving your point about Starbucks getting your drink wrong.

This experience is so painful and unreverseable that it almost makes you want to download the app, or actually tip the barista and ask about their day, so they remember you going forward.

Olivia said...

I feel like she’s an awful human being ... I know that’s been gossip for a while but I just don’t think she does anything unless it benefits her. Also... has anyone seen the house she grew up in? It looked like she was already a celebrity . She was born rich as fuck . And now she’s a million times richer and has all this attention. That’s a recipe for disaster

HushHush said...

Was the order wrong? When you work for an entitled C, going thru her morning yea-over, who knows.
Part of me wants to say that's your job, getting the coffee run right. And who knows how many coffees they had to pick up, but this is why PA's fear celebrities. And diva's are despised (guys can be precious too).
I wouldn't be surprised if the runner handed off the drink to a fifty foot hero in her entourage, and it rolled down hill from there.

Habibti said...

Her assistant is male so cant be a bitch....I think this is a made up blind.

Unknown said...

And VERY thirsty.

fionafab said...

It is rare a Starbucks Barista screws up, because you have to know the 'code' to order and the Barista writes it down on the side of the cup.

I want a small, tall, grande, vente, hazelnut latte, please.
If they say skin, soy, etc. that is written on the side of the cup.
When I became a Barista in San Francisco back in '96, I had to go to class for a week to learn the jargon, coffees, how to draw an espresso, time it, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed it. They also stress to you that you may encounter very strange and very demanding customers. Remember, the customer is ALWAYS right!

I forgot that part one morning when a transplanted Brooklyn-ite who worked in stocks in the Financial District near our store came in with a thermometer and demanded his milk be at a certain temperature. I explained at that heat the milk would burn. Oops! Store Manager was called by Mr. Prospect Park who complained about my attitude and the manager defended whom? You guessed it. He whispered in my ear, "Boo, burn the bastard's milk until it curdles!" Which I did. Then it was so hot he couldn't carry the cup(s). Good times!


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