Thursday, October 25, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

October 18, 2018

This A list singer is already spending the night with someone new, less than a week after her breakup. She never lets that other side of the bed get empty for long.

Ariana Grande


sandybrook said...

Big Dick Energy doesn't go away when the big dick does.

Unknown said...

I wonder if her new beau has some form of substance abuse?
It'd be weird if the totally sober/clean/and don't you dare suggest anything donut licker picks another drug user.

Boo Hearne said...

From what I am reading, she replaced him with Piggy Smalls who sleeps with her in her bed every night. She calls him, "The love of my life!" says Dlisted today. Unlike Pete, that guy ain't Kosher!

Guesser said...

@Unknown,I hear Piggie Smalls "snorts like a champ!"

Unknown said...

I hear he mixes his cocaine with bacon powder.

Anna Mouse said...

is it really criminal that she moves on from relationships. she's still young. or maybe the coke has her 'fickle'.

James Cormney said...

Boo Hearne.....,I am still rolling on the floor with that comment!

Brayson87 said...

Nothing wrong with Ariana moving around, maybe eventually she'll get around to the rest of us. Hey I can be funny and fake a drug addiction too since that seems to be her type, can't be that much of a long shot. ;)

PooPooBear said...

i just read about CDAN today;i can't believe I had no idea all these little snippets exist. I'm so embarassingly shocked Ariana likes her White Girl. I mean, it makes sense. But her team has cultivated her image so precisely it is wild! And it's mentioned in so many stories here! I can't believe I'm so shocked bc look at her relationships, access, cash, etc. And her weight really fluctuates. Maybe that's bc she's no longer 19 but if she is binging and not eating, she's definitely ravenous once she's come down. Yeah, she needs help beyond Mac's dog and her new therapy pig. I'm shocked that I'm shocked.

hunter said...

Hi PooPooBear!! Welcome to CDAN!!!

We are also shocked you are shocked. Stick around here for awhile and your heart will grow cold and sour like ours. We're generally a friendly and well-guessing bunch so it's a great place.

Please try to keep politics out of it and ignore the wackos who don't.

Have a great time!

Phillips Head said...


CDaN is 80 percent lies sent in by fans angry that the "star" in question isn't with them. Enty (really an underpaid intern) prints those without hesitation. The other 20 percent are lifted directly from the Daily Mail Showbiz section.

Susannah Leigh Murray said...

So we are slut shaming now?

Unknown said...

@Susannah her ex boyfriend just died and she broke up with the snl guy after apparently punching him in the mouth or something and she's already sleeping around again. if she doesn't even care, is it even considered a rebound? if we can't file our complaint's under "slut shaming" where do we then?

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