Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 16, 2018

That frosted tip/Ryan Seacrest copying A- list rapper is just the biggest jerk to his singer girlfriend. I don't understand why she stays. Is it because of the coke? I really don't get how many times she will have to catch him cheating before she permanently leaves.

G Eazy/Halsey ( and a few days later they split)


Unknown said...

Frosted tip?
Is that like a cryogenics kink?

Brayson87 said...

Some women seek out cheaters, various psychological explanations, perhaps they like playing STI test lotto every month.

Drewholtaus said...

It was the good coke.

Stupidpervs said...

Some women go for these men just to be a victim and ride on that wave Demi...Selena..Kardashians..

Unknown said...

Oh God... Everyone's a rapper now. It's like in the 80s when everyone was the next guitar hero. Can't we filter these so I don't have to see rapper this teen mom that all the time? I read another comment about this days ago.

inb4 "You don't have to comment".

Yeah I know. But I already commented. :P

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