Sunday, November 18, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

September 2, 2014

This former B list celebrity and reality star who owes her fame to an A+ list mostly movie actor is still going through with her wedding despite being cheated on in the last month by her future husband. She says she doesn't expect him to be faithful.

Elisabetta Canalis


Andi said...

Italians have different views on monogomy than Americans, which is funny considering the country is Catholic.

Trapped said...

Why get married, if he’s still going to cheat..
She’s a very low esteem young woman..
Why not just stat single?

Velvet Voice said...

she has latin roots, for us a cheating hubby is "normal" ... UNFORTUNETELLY

Sd Auntie said...

I think Lorena Bobbitt would disagree with you velvet voice

Mary Lamb said...

Hope she's getting her freak on elsewhere too!

Velvet Voice said...

Sd Auntie

Hiya honey!! Lorena Bobbut had other issue with was sexual violence during her marriage, she could have easilly killed her hubby while he was sleeping but she chopped his willy cause THAT WAS HIS WEAPON TO HURT HER ...

Psychiatrist evaluated her and saved her butt by saying that

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Brayson87 said...

+1 Andi, a lot of European countries have different views on monogamy.


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