Monday, November 12, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #6

November 6, 2018

This A list rapper is having to pay three or four times as much for beats an raps she used to have to pay. No one likes working for her and they are making her pay. She wants to stay relevant and doesn't write her own stuff so is having to pay.

Cardi B


sandybrook said...

She'll be back pole dancing soon enough.

AListDiva said...

Let's hope so! She doesn't deserve to have a baby with all her drug use and ratchet ways!

Gator said...

I thought this blind was about Nicki Minaj, we all know she's a bitch.

Brayson87 said...

Three or four times as much for beats and raps, so she's up to $6-$8 a song now? 'Cause those are some $2 songs.

edasm said...

Pole dancing? She'll need a structural column for dat azz...

Ophelia said...

Said Cardi B, you can't fuck with these,
If you wanted to,
These expensive, these is real lyrics
These is bloody songs
Hit the pole, I can't write
I don't wanna learn
I'm too slow, make the deal right
So I don't get comfortable
Look, I don't dance now
I make money moves
Say I gotta go dance
only way to money move
If I see you and I don't speak
Means I got no words
I'm a loss, time to work bitch
Gotta make bloody moves

orangesoda said...

I think they're all bitches. A lot of these blinds are interchangeable.
Cardi B is trashy as fuck on top of being a bitch which is just great.

Brayson87 said...

Sing it Ophelia! :)

Ophelia said...

haha thanks @Brayson, that was Exhibit B to prove how your price estimates of her song worth is probably accurate

Do Tell said...

Kind of a superquick downfall, no?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we really went back into music history, how much as been ghost written?
As for Cardi B. Why doesn't Offset do it? I thought that was part of their marriage deal.

GG said...

Is she Meghan Markle's twin??

.robert said...

@Davina David, at least there used to be complexity and actual trained vocals in use even if someone else wrote the lyrics and music. Early Metallica is better than most of the utter garbage you hear on the radio now. What is funny is people used to say early rap for the 80s/90s was not real music but it is so much better than what gets pushed to the top of the charts nowadays. It is such an artificial industry.

SororSalsa said...

This blind is about Nikki...her PR team and the Barbs keep planting stories to make Cardi B look bad. All that coke stuff is Nikki.

Mahogany1 said...

They should parlay her into a television sit come as like a secretary or assistant. Nothing major. It would keep her occupied. People really like her.

MrsTea said...

Good because after that silly statement about writing lyrics doesn't matter, she needs to be gone, long gone


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