Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

If you would like your photo included, email it to entlawyer90210@yahoo.com

One part today.

Demi Moore bringing home the leftovers from dinner last night.
If I had strings hanging down all night like that touching me, it would drive me insane.
Margot Robbie has that I had too much to drink but can't let any of the paps know it kind of look about her.
Sophie Turner has transformed Joe Jonas into a taller Peter Dinklage.
Priyanka with a pose straight out of the Nicole Kidman book of poses.
Penelope Cruz at JFK yesterday.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4 (I made an exception to my you have to be in the photo with the dogs rule because the dogs are super cute and technically you can see half of the reader).
With Jill Zarin coming back (and like you couldn't see that from six thousand miles away last season), Harry Dubin has a chance to hook up with his 5th RHONY cast member. Here is literally sucking the face of Ramona Singer.


Kiki said...

I can't with Nick and Priyanka....they are on the same level of Will and Jada "try too hard". Does anyone actually believe they married for love???? And Priyanka's wedding veil rivaled her friend Meghan's. I can see why they are good friends, they have a lot in common.

sandybrook said...

Hi Readers! Hi Doggs! Is that Tuesdi and her doggie?
Ramona Singer is fucking disgusting, when I saw this pic earlier this morning I almost puked.

Tuesdi said...

OMG I almost threw up at the Ramona Pic!
Sandy - yes that is me in #1, with one of the GSDs that came through my rescue a couple months ago! I loved him - that is Ernie visiting me at home, he is happily adopted out, now!

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Nice Pictures, fellow Readers!

But, I am going to pass on sending in a Reader Photo this time around.
You all know my head shot by now!

My avatar picture is from +/-10 years ago!

Now, I must argue market value with a bottom feeder.


Unknown said...

Reader #1 nice legs. Reader #2 nice boobs. Want to make a sandwich?

sandybrook said...

Good job Tuesdi! And he wants to visit you so you must have treated him like a prince.

Brayson87 said...

Why is Demi bringing home the leftovers from last night, did she leave them in her car?

It's all botoxed Enty, she doesn't feel a thing.

Nah, Robbie is just pale, look at the guy next to her.

Peter Dinklage is the one Sophie should have gotten with!

I know it's just a style, but does Priyanka's right hand look reptilian to anyone else, just saying. ;)

Oh Penelope, those heels just do not work with that outfit.

Tuesdi said...

Thanks, #Unknown I will take the compliment since I am old!
@Sandy ALL the GSDs that come through my rescue are treated like Kings/Queens. They've been through all sorts of neglect and abuse so they deserve it. I only get bit once in a while, lol.

Beth said...

I can’t tell which one is devouring the other’s face, both their mouths are open so wide! ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿคข

Tuesdi said...

I need brain bleach. I cannot get that pic of Ramona and what's his name out of my head.

Brayson87 said...

Yay Tuesdi! Helping animals is truly one of the noblest pursuits.

Looks like someone is ready for a big night out #2! That or a great profile pic, either way good job moving the ring lol ;)

#3 those are some big pretty blue eyes, you're not another of Sinatra's unknown kids are you? :)

#4 That's got to scare the hell out of some old lady walking up expecting to see a new baby in there lol

Tuesdi said...

Thanks, Brayson - it is for sure my passion. Anyone can check out my FB Rescue Page - Miracle German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Maine. Also www.miraclegsdmaine.org
Hey - who has the cute bulldogs? (#4)
The reader photos rock! Always a highlight when they come around.

Lindsay said...

Pee Cee is BEAMING. This relationship is her best performance to date
@Tuesdi beautiful pup and lady. You're doing a wonderful thing rescuing these doggos. I have a GSD too. Big loveable sook.
@Unknown, thanks for the compliment on my chest.........................
@Brayson87 ;)

Troy Dyer said...

More doggo pics!

Cassie said...

lmfaooo at Ramona and Harry...wasn't ready for that.

Alina Campos said...

Photo #3 is some wrecked photoshop. We see enough of that in the celebs. Use real photos. I'm sure you're pretty without it.

LA Native said...

I dont watch any housewives shows so when I was looking at the pics in the pic viewer, I couldnt see the caption and was hoping to hell that the suck face pic was not any readers! Thank god it isnt.
Tuesdi, you might have my next dog when my dear Kino goes over the rainbow bridge. Might have to take a road trip. I adore german shepherds.

MDAnderson said...

I hate Priyanka and this fake wedding. Poor Avery seeing her mom in this picture with Harry. Hi readers!!

Renee 123 said...

Are we sure it’s Ramona & not ladybaus??

Justdanadane said...

Wonderful reader photos!!

Green Tea said...

New York is one of the largest cities in the world, the RHONY all date the same three men, WTF?

Fifi LaRue said...

KK & KW: freak show all by themselves.

Who let Sophie Turner out in broad daylight in that getup?

Those two sucking face: just nasty.

tatty said...

The bulldogs are mine :) I bought the piebald and the brown one is a rescue. Both girls,

Unknown said...

Reader #3 you have great skin and beautiful eyes. Very pretty!

orangesoda said...

Awesome pictures, everyone! And more dog pictures please - they always brighten up the day!

El Roy 13 said...

I think she was getting a little long in the tooth, and had to act fast.

But, I'm a cynic.

A. said...

Thanks, Brayson! My father had beautiful blue eyes just like Frank, and he was a musician too!

A. said...

Sorry to have to tell you that your theory is incorrect...there was no Photoshop needed for my picture ๐Ÿ˜Š

A. said...

Thank you very much, Unknown ๐Ÿ˜Š

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