Monday, January 28, 2019

SAG Awards Photos Part Four

Miriam Shor
Yara Shahidi
Emily Osment
Samira Wiley
Chris Lowell
Julia Garner
Chrishell Stause
Cara Santana
Joseph Fiennes


Clara Bow said...

I really don’t understand Julia Garner’s face. She’s a great actress, but she always looks like someone punched her in the mouth.

Rosie riveter said...

I don't know who Yara shahidi is, but she is GORGEOUS

Brayson87 said...

Don't be a hater Clara Bow, looks like the camera caught her looking at something, and Julia Garner is awesome. ;)

I agree rosie, Yara Shadidi is the clear winner in this group despite some great competition.

Vita said...

Yara and Samira killed it. I think Julia Garner looks great, pretty color. Cara dress is cool, but that hair looks like an accident. Emily Osment looks like she's doing a SWF of Gillian Anderson (from a different show)

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Huckleberry said...

I know nothing about clothes. But damn Emily Osment looks good.

Brayson87 said...

Yara Shahidi looks like a princess, and proves that people don't need to go naked under sheer fabrics to provoke interest. I'm actually curious who the designer is, that rarely happens.

Miriam looks good, I just don't think that was the dress for her
Emily is great in red, but the lines of the dress could be better.
Samira is gorgeous, just not feeling that particular take on asymmetrical.
Julia's dress is walking the edge of prom dress but not quite there, she's safe. She absolutely owns that color, I thought seafoam at first but the color chart assures me her dress is more blue.
I'd normally slam a dress like Chrishell's, but it's quirky, I like it.
Cara was a tough one, her dress reminds of the wild flow of ocean waves which is cool. I just can't tell if it was intentional or if it was something else that got sloppy, that pose wasn't the greatest.

Lowell looks like staff while Fiennes is well always Fiennes.

Paul Saint John said...

Fiennes looks like your crazy uncle who keeps crashing family reunions drunk.

Do Tell said...

I will never give up hope that someone someday will leak to YouTube or Dailymotion the Urban Myths episode starring Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson, Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor, and Brian Cox as Marlon Brando.

I think it's pretty clear at this point that Michael Jackson does not deserve any respect as a person.

MountainMama said...

Julia Garner my pick for dresses in this group but Yara is so incredibly gorgeous she could wear a bag and I cannot help but think it would look good.

sandybrook said...

Guys wore tuxedos to this minor league TV show on a cable station?

Count Jerkula said...

Is this an awards show put on by the union for people not invited to other award shows?

P - Shahidi

M - Osment - must have on that whore red lipstick

B - Wiley - been a while since i have had chocolate buttocks.

Freebird said...

Yara blew me away with her look last night. Love the hair!! And that dress is perfection. 🥇

I love Samira, but that dress isn’t worthy of her. Cara looks pretty, but there is a teeny bit too much going on in the front of that dress. Chrishnell is on her way to the prom. Also, I’m adding her name to the list of fucked up names that parents give their kids.

TeenoC said...

I was thinking that too! Don't know her but she looks like a goddess!

dummypants said...

Julia Garner should be a household name by now. She is so damn good in everything she is in. Hopefully we see her accepting a lot of awards in the years to come! I kind of equate her to Olivia Colman, who has been out there doing stunning work in literally everything for almost 2 decades now and the world is just waking up to her.

HeatherBee said...

I’m not a fan of Cara Santana’s look. Honestly, did no one one her team see that she looks like a giant blue labia with a teletubby top knot?

Doodlegirl said...

Man, I'm getting old because I have no idea who half of these people are.

Definitely Yara Shahidi and Julia Garner for the win. Yara looks like a golden goddess, and that blue/green colour looked stunning on Julia.

Samira Wiley - I just love her, but the dress isn't quite working for me. The colour looks so elegant on her, but it feels a bit sloppy looking. Sometimes I wish designers would just back off trying to do complicated asymmetrical shit, and just do a simple classic dress.

No idea who Cara Santana is, but just no on the dress. Pretty colour, but the rest is a mess. Also memo to stars and their stylists: tightly pulled top-knot hairdos flatter no one (Yeah, I'm looking at you too, Sandra Oh).

Mango said...

Yara Shahidi and that dress...Gorgeous.

I thought Emily Osment was Gillian Anderson.


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