Saturday, February 16, 2019

Blind Item #7

This A list everything in her mind and her significant other are trying to sell some land deal that will probably cause all the investors other than themselves to lose money, just like other deals the significant other has done in the past.


Tricia13 said...


notthisagain said...

JLo & ARod

maybe its the property near where the Amazon HQ was going to be in nyc

Flashy Vic said...

I read that Amazon's tax payments to the IRS are so good that the United States owes Amazon $129m, yet Bezos' dick pics are the real scandal.

Yeap, no establishment protection here, no siree Bob.

molly said...

Bozo's dick pictures match his logo...doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to figure out what it is. Odd thing, nobody seems willing to pick up on it. Google his logo and think cartoon. The man is obsessed with it.

CinnyToast said...
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CinnyToast said...
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Trapped said...

He’s never going to marry JLo

Kim said...

OMG! She had a special air on MTV and was talking about all the trolls talking shit. She said I dropped my first album and people say I couldn't sing. All I could think about was MV and Ashanti!

Troy Dyer said...

Hillary and Bill- whitewater

+1 on J.Lo and A.Rod selling something by the now defunct Amazon Queens campus

Jennacheryl said...

See that's stupid. Something else will go there.

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