Friday, February 15, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 7, 2019

As I said almost a year ago, this former Housewife who wanted a huge raise to return to the show is now willing to take half of what she made her last year on the show if they will let her return. The producers knew she would cave.

Kenya Moore


Brayson87 said...

I thought these Housewife people didn't make much from the shows, but from the side gigs their publicity got them?

MountainMama said...

They supposedly pay that horrible NeNe in the millions. The bigger and louder their fan base the more they make.

Brayson87 said...

So in a strange way, it's like she sacrificed some of her principles to be there for her fans, despite the money grubbing producers. 😈

Trapped said...

They all get paid too much money
Kenya thought she could rewrite the rules, but Andy showed her who was the boss.
She needs this money badly, she has no other means of support.
They don't saved a penny, that's why they keep coming back---easy money
I can't stand to watch them, it been 5 years ago and I'm not missing anything but BS

SlimKeith said...

Trapped: Andy doesn't make ANY of these decisions. ALL the shows are owned by production companies; they decide who gets paid what and who stays or goes. There is a good chance that they listen to Bravo's test audiences but not always. It was foolish getting rid of Kenya after she got pregnant-the numbers would have been through the roof. She's grown on people the last few years and is very popular. Most of this is because her husband wouldn't film with her-he's a "private citizen" and successful business owner.
IF Kenya's coming back it's for the, "fame" not the money. The money is more about pride and competition on these shows.

A. said...

Kenya is boring and desperate for attention, can't stand her. I loved when Michael Rapaport told her she had ashy feet last year on Watch What Happens Live. I would rather see Phaedra back on RHOA, not Kenya.

Thorne said...

Kenya is too thirsty to be enjoyable. Phaedra is the devil herself, but makes excellent tv. Frick and Frack forever!

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