Monday, March 25, 2019

Blind Item #9

Things will probably go back to rocky/horrible once this cable reality star turned rebooted cable reality star finds out his on again/off again girlfriend has been hooking up with a guy fairly regularly. 


sandybrook said...

Ronnie Ortiz.

Tricia13 said...

Jersey Shore?

sandybrook said...

And Jen?

Tricia13 said...


MDAnderson said...

One of them is going to die or go to jail for attempted murder. Poor kid having to be around those two.

Anonymous said...

DM said they are broken up at the moment and if Ronnie is smart, he would let her go before someone ends up seriously hurt like above poster stated. They are toxic for each other and probably should only be around each other in parental capacity only so not to be tempted to go back to the other.

Vita said...

Yes, they are an unhealthy mess together. Put the kiddo's safety first.

hunter said...

why you guys gotta hate on true love?

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