Sunday, March 31, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #6

March 25, 2019

This celebrity filled church must be feeling the heat because they are trying to get the rapper's service shut down by making a complaint with the police that the rapper's service doesn't have the proper permits.

Kanye West


NateInSoCal said...

No comments yet? Everybody must be in church today.

BitterKnitters PodCast said...

Hillsong or whatever Bieber's church/cult is called.

IndigoBlue said...

I was in church this morning....just not with Kanye. Is anyone really surprised that he fancies himself a diety? Shocker! And this just makes me feel like those awkward moments in a staff meeting when someone in your group loses their shit and decides to full-on shoulder the first thrust of an argument about something stupid like what side of the Microwave the Paper Towel Dispenser should go on....when there are more pressing matters like the microwave shooting flames at you every time you try to pop popcorn...Joe Schmuckatelly over there keeps yammering and I'm staring down at my empty note pad thinking, "You're NOT HEELLLPPPIING!"

MichiganMama59 said...

If Al Sharpton can call himself a reverend . . . .

Nosey Parker said...

Penn Jillette does a podcast called "Penn's Sunday School"

zerooptions said...

Have they asked for donations yet? or claimed 501c3 status yet?
Waiting for the IRS to swoop down on these gold diggers.

MichiganMama59 said...

How about those creepy Joe Biden videos.

parissucksliterally said...

I seriously hope this Church is what sends them all to prison. Hey, maybe THAT is why Kim is "working" on prison reform! We know it isn't altruistic, this family ALWAYS has an agenda.

Vita said...

IndigoBlue--lol and Amen! How'd you feel BEFORE church?😉

Saw some Inside Edition or some such clip of Orlando and Katy and others walking in droves to do you take the press novelty out of it?...who would attend regularly then?

This is great if he's doing it out of genuine celebration and faith (rather than for attention and self-aggrandizement), and every single dime raised is going to expenses of choir, parking, etc. However, the fact that he still has the audacity to use/refer to himself as Yeezy (knowing the origin) really puzzles me, if that is the case.

Religious Joke of the Day:

How do you make Holy Water?

Boil the Hell out of it!😂. (Insert rim shot)

Vita said...

Paris- LOL! Good thinking!😁

Stupidpervs said...

Any church that has a red carpet is a cult...

Nosey Parker said...

Is it a REAL church, or the theme to his next album? Ye plans to do the church at Coachella.

M Styles said...

Kanye and that family of whores literally have NO SHAME.
His career has been OVER since he married that slag and now they are desperate for money. They don't make half of what they claim to make and all that plastic surgery is expensive.
The only reason they have any 'net worth' at all is cuz they carry massive mortgages on multiple houses they will never truly own.
Get a mortgage on a 6 million dollar house and all of a sudden you are 'worth' 6 million. It's all bullsh*t/smoke and mirrors.

Lisa said...

Kendal is carying a Solo cup at church. PMK started this ahem... church when she wanted to play down Kim’s Armenian side and appear Christian. It was right after her 72 day marriage. PMK hired a pastor who had been kicked out of his congregation for embezzlement/fraud. Now Kanye sees dollar bills and has become a man of the cloth.

Lindsey said...

Most Armenians are Christian.

TheBPlot said...

It is not difficult to be recognized as a church in the eyes of the IRS....

Distinct legal existence
Recognized creed and form of worship
Definite and distinct ecclesiastical government
Formal code of doctrine and discipline
Distinct religious history
Membership not associated with any other church or denomination
Organization of ordained ministers
Ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed courses of study
Literature of its own
Established places of worship
Regular congregations
Regular religious services
Sunday schools for the religious instruction of the young
Schools for the preparation of its members
The IRS generally uses a combination of these characteristics, together with other facts and circumstances, to determine whether an organization is considered a church for federal tax purposes.

Trapped said...

Whatever Church is the easiest tax free money available to man.
Jesus did not send all these preachers, well we all know they will be charged differently in Jesus’s eyes.
That’s all I care about is what his words say, I will help anyone but I will send Money to that church so they can achieve their goals.
I’m not walking into one church door—— me and Jesus don’t have any problems, if there is a problem it’s all my fault..
I have failed Jesus he never failed me..

hunter said...

You guys should watch the creepy Joe Biden compilation - it makes him look like one of the Satanic Baby Eaters. Jussayin.

As for Kanye - the outdoor music service I saw online with North dancing in front and Kanye rapping his Scoopity-Poop jams, well - it looked fun. So I'll give him that, it looked like a good time.

Post Cards From The Edge said...

I have bipolar and a lot of us have delusions of being a God or Jesus when we are manic and in psychosis. Kanye's treatment plan is fucking shit. The fact that the kardashian's are enabling and taking advantage of his poor mental health is disgusting but to be expected. So many of us would love to have access to his resources for treatment. :(

Lisa said...

@lindsey mostly Catholic.

Unknown said...

Who is PMK?

J D said...

Kris Kardashian is pmk. Pimp mama kris/Kardashian. Not thrilled to have this knowledge for you

Urban Rosebud said...

ENTY do your spies know anything about the hit on Nipsey Hussle???

He was one of the good ones. WTF????? WHY???? This was not random. So obviously industry related.

Please drop the dime on this one STAT. Someone is benefitting from his death. This shit is out of hand. Everyone loved Nip.

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