Thursday, May 09, 2019

Blind Item #2

This former one year wonder/professional beard subtly made it clear to some married celebrities that they need to send a little more money her way each month if they want their secret to remain a secret.


Tricia13 said...

Olivia Culpo

Boldblonde said...


E said...

Poor Danny Amendola. I often wonder if his famewhoring with that skank is the reason Bill Belichick got rid of him. It wouldn't surprise me

Troy Dyer said...

+2 Olivia Coulpa saying that married guys slide into her DM’s

Name names girl!

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Miss Lonelyheart said...

+1 Tricia13

I want names too, Troy!

Mellonhead said...

@Troy Dyer- As a Patriots fan I can tell you that Bill did not "get rid" of Amendola. His contract was up and he wanted big money as the end of his career is nearing. Dolphins gave him 2 years and $12 million with $8.25 million guaranteed. There was no way the Patriots were going to match that. This year he'll make over $4 million with the Lions.

Mellonhead said...

^^^ Sorry previous comment meant for @E

hunter said...

It's always weird when a sports fan comes out with their crazy sports knowledge (comparable to our vast celeb gossip knowledge) and I always think they're such weirdos lol!!

Like ew what useless info. :D

Birds of a another feather.

Vita said...

Public hints at extortion dont bode well for future yachting or bearding gigs. I would imagine discretion is valued.

That being names!😁

sandybrook said...

The only two she dated that are currently married are Nick Jonas and Ryan Lochte. She also dated Tim Tebow, as well as Amendola.

Unknown said...

Another one of Enty's grudges


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