Monday, May 06, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 28, 2019

The horribly done botox and fillers on this A/A- list mostly movie actress didn't stop her long time director lover from begging for another chance with her.

Jennifer Lawrence/David O Russell


defhermit said...

I don't think Jennifer Lawrence is getting botox and fillers done yet.

notthisagain said...

Nah, you can tell she’s had some botoxing & light fillers done to slow down aging (sad since she is beautiful as is and only 28). It’s more obvious in person but you can sort of tel in the last year if you look closely

Raspy said...

I don't think she looks terrible but there is a tightness to her smile now that seems unnatural

Paul Saint John said...

Herpes is a bitch!

Brayson87 said...

Looks like she's switching pimps just in case Weinstein doesn't get off. At least PMK doesn't ride her own stable.

Randaleese said...

So, in-tee, I’ve looked high and low for the photos of the so called AWFUL Botox/fillers..
Seems to me, you are a bit jealous of her youth.. and “America’s sweetheart” type cuteness..

Brayson87 said...

Hailee Steinfeld has "America's sweetheart" type cuteness, JLaw just looks like another of Harvey's girls. ;)

Jennifer Low Rents said...

Leave JLaw alooooone!!!!!

Unknown said...

This is the stupidest blind I've ever read here, and that's saying something for this place. The photos of her at the Tribeca Film Festival were great, not "Horrible". It's ridiculous.

It's so off the mark that many people guessed Uma Thurman the first time, which should tell you something considering how bad Uma looks.

Jne said...

She’s definitely had botox. Her face is frozen in the most recent pictures. I’m not sure she’s had fillers though,

hunter said...

She's been getting the 'tox & filler for years.

She has also had an upper eyelid job like Rene Zellweger got. Don't believe me? Compare early JLaw pics to recent - her upper eyes have completely changed.

You bet your ass she gets botox, I started at 26 myself and that was 100 years ago.

Fifi LaRue said...

Jennifer Lawrence is only, what 25 years old? People at that age are at the stage of perfection. Leave it alone!

Stupidpervs said...

I think shes just fake smiling .

BRAD PITT said...

she will never be as good as she was in 'Winters Bone'

EvaniaFlo said...

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Unknown said...

Regardless of whether she had botox and fillers done or not, she does not look terrible in those pictures.

Substance D said...

I told you before, J Law is twins. Now, though, I think the botox rumors are being seeded as an excuse as to why she will always look like she's having something done to hide the fact that the twins don't look as alike as they did 5 years ago. As they age, one will have to assume the role altogether and the other can do a fat Elvis retreat to the J Law version of Graceland. (Yes, Elvis was/is twins: ) Eventually, you'll get it.

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Manuél Bun said...

@Substance D So you're saying Weinstein had 3ways with the JLaw twins?

BlissBoo said...

Maybe EvaniaFlo and Enthusiasm Quotes can date, get married, and have a baby?

Botox and fillers at 26? What in the fuck? Bad move. You're going to look worse as you age. Jennifer doesn't need it, she looks fine.

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pickyvegetarian said...

she looks so weird now you must be stupid to not notice all the crap she's done to her face... she def would've looked a lot better just aging ... i don't understand it


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