Thursday, May 09, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

April 30, 2019

This foreign born former A list boy bander can say whatever he wants, but if you are not going out in public to sing your songs or to talk about your songs or be interviewed about your songs, you won't ever have a career to worry about anyway, so why even bother to say anything about old projects.

Zayn Malik


sandybrook said...

He's probably got enough money to last him awhile without having to lift a finger.

Vita said...

Hes got money, he got the quieter life he wanted, now, he can release music directly and not play the rest of the game, im not sure why he's still doing interviews

hunter said...

He can't even show up for his own life.

Ice7177 said...

Zayn does no media, no press, no interviews, has terrible social media handlers and still gets decent traction due to his label. Without his label he'd be finished.

He was better off in OneDirection where the other guys could do all that stuff and he could put out solo stuff on the side. Big mistake leaving.

Brayson87 said...

Zayn is Enty's favorite shut-in.

Krissie said...

He released a song today...didn't even know about it till I went on youtube. No advertisements on Instagram nada

C Lioness said...

@Ali, now that I see how he's been handling things since he 'left'(still think he was fired)you're right, he was better off staying in !D.

Zayn is extremely talented, probably the best vocalist of the five and I think they all knew that. Unfortunately, he also was the worst at handling the fame brought to the group. When they were getting along, it seemed they kept each other in check; that's why it's great to share success with others.

Anonymous said...

Malik is a serious addict .May be that needs to be his concern. Not "new songs".
This blog is a fantasy world of denial.
Clearly you've never lost a loved one to suicide or addiction .

Anonymous said...



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