Sunday, November 17, 2019

Blind Item #3

This woman was paid and made to sign a NDA and then shipped out of the country so she can't testify as to any bad behavior by this A list mostly movie actor in an upcoming trial.


IndieRaga said...

James Franco?

IndieRaga said...

It's a woman so I guess Spacey is out !

V said...

Johnny Depp. Girlfriend just went back to Russia or somewhere.

Sweetlilthang said...

Cant be depp although i do think enty means him. In court papers he confirmed in the last ten years romantic relationships with amber polina and vanessa. He also confirmed the only romantic partners who had money off him were amber for the divorce and vanessa for child maintenance. Theyve not been in the same country since polina sold pap pictures of him in feb.

RolledTacos said...

+1 V

Sd Auntie said...

Depp has money?? thought he was broke..

Studio54 said...


JHanoi said...

She was paid and chose to sign an NDA.
Hell, depp’s lawyers should have made her sign an NDA before she met him, and then again right before she split with depp.

HouellebecqGurl said...

Depp & his bought Rooskie hoowah.

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Sunkist said...

Cheap blind. An NDA cannot keep a person subpoenaed from telling the truth, under oath, in court. It also cannot keep a person from testifying if subpoenaed if they choose to testify. NDAs are so common place and do not automatically denote a nefarious cover-up. I suppose the "bad behavior" here could be that he paid her to be his girlfriend/piece for a while. If I were him, I would think it safer to pay an admitted hooker than to be rolled by a lying hooker like Amber Heard. OR Enty, are you straight out saying Johnny Depp beat the snot out of this Polina woman? Why beat about the bush? Just say it instead of intimating it because you really know nothing about it? Whether or not Depp hit Heard, she is on a sinking ship because she set him up and lied about virtually EVERYTHING. and admitted to beating on stupid. When lying, always deny, deny deny...instead she admitted to beating on Depp and socking him in the face more than once.

Sunkist said...

Hmmm...why is this blind the only one having comments moderated? This blind makes me feel I am being manipulated for some reason. You never posted my comment


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