Saturday, November 16, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 5, 2019

This Russian spy who really wants to be famous in Hollywood has turned 180 against her long time significant other/convict/prospective elected official and is spilling all of his secrets like the porn fixation and other things.

Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos/George Papadopoulos


IndieRaga said...

Papadopoulos sounds Greek to me !

herbert arnold said...

popadopolus is greek and his wife is italian. dont know about russian spy.

Erin said...

He likes porn? I am clutching my pearls in shock! (I think all dude like porn?)

Count Jerkula said...

Yeah, unless it is kiddie porn or trannies, who cares?

Me said...

The cabal sure tried real damn hard to insert as many sicko "consultants" with questionable associations into the Trump campaign as possible... didn't they?

Russian collusion! Russian collusion! Russian collusion!

Studio54 said...

Fascinating! Thank you for this Enty! Please tell this to your friend Tom Arnold. He would never believe this woman was Russian spy, everyone else did. It explains A LOT.

Is this Pap still going to run for Congress in California as a Republican? Good luck, LOL.


KittensRUs said...

He's running but he isn't going to win. That's my district and they're going to go for Mike Garcia - legal immigrant with no black marks against him, very personable. Last thing anyone wants to elect is another trainwreck like little miss wife swap. That was just embarrassing. Who the hell thinks you can put your pic up on the wife swap sites while you're IN CONGRESS?

Studio54 said...

@KittensRUs: Thank you for that information. Any district could do better than Pap.

Goodau said...

Ah yes, George Papadopoulas. The man who sought out the Australian High Commissioner to London and spent the night in a wine bar supposedly discussing nefarious allegations that required "passing on to Australian & US Security Services".
Much navel gazing on the front pages of our national newspapers and around the water coolers of higher echelon companies followed.
Perhaps George should wait until his wife decides whether she wants to model, be a legal representative for Versace or the European Parliament, before acting next time.


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