Saturday, April 18, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 9, 2020

All the while this former Housewife is bashing the show, she is angling to return.

Bethenny Frankel/RHONY


IndieRaga said...

What else is gonna do.....learn coding and get a job?!

Trapped said...

She sucks the life out of everything, it’s always about boney ass Bethany

Goddess said...

She lives by the belief that any publicity is good publicity. Wish we didn't have to see her butt ugly face on the screen any more but she will manipulate and manipulate until she claws her way back in. (wretching)

texasrose said...

She is inextricably connected to RHONY. They created her she will always be defined by her time there. Cohen might be 'pissed' at her now with her criticism of the show but as soon a a ratings boost is needed she will be back.

cc423 said...

This show, this series and these “housewives” are getting really boring.


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