Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #3

April 6, 2020

The Russian spy who likes to pretend she isn't so she can get a reality show, is doing as much self promotion aka thirsty social media posts as she can to sell her swimwear line. And to get a reality show.

Simona Mangiante (George Papadopoulos) 


norster said...

Can't a girl change her career?

IndieRaga said...

Gotta love an Ambitious Woman!
Best Of Luck babes!

IndieRaga said...

You mean get married and have kids?!
Not in this world!

IndieRaga said...

Sarcasm BTW!

sandybrook said...

I think she needs to find another mark to marry because this loser is finished in government circles

norster said...

@Indie Can I be nosey and ask what time it is where you are ? I'm a Brit and it's 5.40pm here.

IndieRaga said...

22:14.....not nosy at all!
You have a lovely evening tea and biscuits!

J said...

Greek for moldy rottencrotch.

norster said...

@Indie thanks was curious - it's funny with many of us here, being at different stages of our day. P.S it's a bit late for afternoon tea, time for a G&T (or two) before dinner..

Unknown said...

I met George and Simona recently on March 12 when they came to speak at our women's republican meeting, got a personally signed book too !!! He has quite a story to tell and he tells it well, very engrossing - possibly the best ever talk that I've been to and I've been to a lot (I digress but Margaret Thatcher was the greatest... with Norman Schwarzkopf close behind).

Boy ! Having heard these rumors of divorce and cheating for months, I sure did NOT see it in their faces or demeanors. She spoke very positively about their relationship, gave a brief talk about herself and her background, and laughed how she is always called the russian spy, even though she's never even been to russia.

She rubbed his neck while sitting there in a very affectionate fashion, who is filing for divorce that week and does that ? They canoodled before and after the talks, I did not appear that an acrimonious divorce was in progress - it it truly is.

I know for a fact that many of Enty's blinds are BS, like the super bowl nation anthem debacle where it was sung live or the SB Jlo and Shakira wont sing together for example.

cc423 said...

The thirst is real y'all.


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