Thursday, April 16, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #4

April 8, 2020

This superhero movie was always on the edge of being shelved. Now, with the recent actions of the probable star of the movie, it gives the studio an easy out.

Ezra Miller/"Barry Allen/The Flash"/Warner Bros.


Zebra Seasoning said...

I doubt it's breaking his heart. He doesn't seem like a "big franchise movie" kinda guy.

Also don't think that video was real, but who knows.

Unknown said...

I think someone got paid off. If it had been nothing there would have been a statement.

AlleyKat said...

I might be wrong....but wasn't the girl wearing a large collar that would protect a stunt man's neck in a fight scene???

incrediblegecko said...

This twitter video was nothing but a misunderstanding by the girl who originally posted it and then deleted it. All the pro-Grant Flash fans started a movement to remove Ezra Miller from the DCEU after it was posted.

Ezra is doing fine and people are bored and like to exaggerate. No criminal charges were even considered against Ezra.

If they do decide to cancel the DCEU Flash, it will not be because of the video.

Ezra's talent will always triumph over the haters.

orangesoda said...

Ezra is a pretentious douche so an art piece will come up soon.

MarxistFreak said...

I think it was Ezra who wanted out.

Unknown said...

Sheldon is gonna be pissed


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