Friday, May 15, 2020

Four For Friday - The Dancing Boyfriend Speaks - A Dancing Boy Blind Item

He's trapped in New York (after pitching a tv pilot), and we've been talking on the phone every week. Early after we met last year, he told me once met a certain disgraced but still working director, but I figured it was at a table at a fan convention or something (for the specific genre this person directs). Turns out, when he was barely legal, and had a profile on one of those internet talent sites (known to be frequented by the director and people he works with), he got an email offering him an all expenses paid trip to LA to audition for one of his movies. He had one condition though: The director was not to google him before going. You can guess what happened when he got to the director's house (I believe there was literally a couch involved). The director confessed his continuing interest in young boys, even after the conviction, and contrary to his public statements calling his past acts a terrible crime, expressed self-pity for the consequences of his actions (the conviction, I mean, and jail time), and his belief that those actions should be legal.

How's that for your gross of the day?

PS My latest likely acquisition, actor-wise, is a former child actor and sometime teen idol known maybe most for playing the son of a certain presidential actor (whose own son is a disgraced actor). If you had to think of a movie from any decade - but in this case from that most notorious decade - that presaged what will appear in the dancing boy saga it would probably be this one. It involves a religion of foreign but not middle eastern or Asian origin, and a certain practice.

PPS If you can't figure out the ps, the movie in question was directed by one of the few out gay directors at the time. He also directed one of the most iconic early New Hollywood flicks (on the theme of not so much yachting as boating).

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