Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Compound Part 3 - The Reckoning

I’ve written before about this so-called artists’ compound in the San Fernando Valley, and the lunatic who runs it. Things have gotten worse since COVID. So much worse.

The anarchist mother (#1) of this B+ list actress (#2) has been so desperate to fill her flea-infested compound with tenants that she’s taking in anyone she can find without any background checks. For the last several months it has been filled almost entirely with drug addicts and occultists, all of whom have ganged up on an up-and-coming actress (#3) who took up residence in the compound after suffering a severe head trauma. The worst offender by far in this regard has been this D-list actress (#4) and her mother, both of whom are actively involved in witchcraft. They are constantly trying to make the actress commit suicide. After no less than three rape attempts and constant gaslighting, #3 has had enough.

Proving the sexual assaults is a hard sell, so #3 and a friend have quietly documented dozens of health and safety violations, including flea, tick, roach, and bed bug infestations, black mold, unsafe electrical wiring, and cat feces throughout the house. One phone call and the place will be shut down for good.

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