Thursday, May 14, 2020

Today's Blind Items - One Night

I am calling it one night, but there are many other nights that similar things occurred. As of late, I have been sharing the stories from this former A lister about things that happened to her in the industry because no one had her best interest at heart. Everyone was looking out for themselves. An example was one night, when our former A lister was barely a teenager, she was picked up and taken to a very very popular nightspot. It was not her first time, but it was only her second or third. It would certainly not be her last. That night she latched on to someone who was older, but still underage. That someone was an actress who was probably B list at the time although the name recognition would have been higher. Our former A lister trusted the actress. That was probably not the best idea. Probably also not a good idea were the drinks and the lines of coke. The actress would party a lot and would usually end up having sex in the club with whatever stranger had the best coke or seemed the most promising. That night though, she helped a guy assault the former A lister, by holding her down in a chair while the man did what he wanted. This was pretty much right out in the open. Our former A lister was in bad shape and almost passed out, but still knew what was happening. She also remembered the actress afterwards saying that the first time is always a shock, but that she would do better next time.

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