Friday, June 19, 2020

Blind Item #12

A foreign born former A list mostly television actress who comes from an entertainment family.

"When ____________ took a part in my movie _____________, she was already famous for wearing wigs. I took her aside and said: '______, I don't want you to wear a wig on this picture. I hate wigs.'

She said: 'I promise you, I will not wear a wig.'

Just to make sure, I also told the set hairdresser, to see to it that ____________ never wore one.

Anyway, on the first day of filming the hairdresser beckoned me over and said: 'Pull at her hair. You'll see it's real.'

I pulled at her hair. It remained firmly on her head. And, to my satisfaction, she came to the set every day with her real hair on show.

When she'd finished on the film,  she came across to where I was standing to kiss me goodbye. Then she walked off to the edge of the set and suddenly called out: 

I looked round - She had taken a wig off her head and was waving it at me. Her real hair had been a wig all along . .

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