Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Blooper Reels - Part Three - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

One half of the singing duo discussed in a previous BI, the closeted singer/actor, appears to be kissing the other half of the duo but it turns out to be his longtime boyfriend and the "husband" of the female singer in drag  and there are cartoon kissing sound effects. The female singer is heard laughing offscreen until they all break up laughing.

-The pint sized actor who starred in a long running franchise is seen crawling out from under a showgirl's skirt and in another scene gropes another showgirl's boobs in a bear hug.

-The permanent A-list black songstress/activist in a faux screen test where she kisses (in order): the king of the lot (very passionately I might add), the pint sized actor (who lets out a 'woo woo!'), the flame haired comic who later had success on TV (who lets out a wolf howl), and the actor/dancer/director.

-This multiple Oscar winning/ nominated actor is seen in multiple blooper reels, a majority of scenes are with his longtime partner on and offscreen, the multiple Oscar winning/nominated actress. One scene shows him stark naked in a bathrobe flashing the actress and she pulls him closer and motions a handjob before they break up laughing.

-The original ending (long thought lost) to the classic cartoon with a sexy female character who inspired a later one is shown tacked on to the end of the 1943 blooper reel. It was deleted after the Production Code brass thought it was making fun of bestiality.

-That athletic actress who specialized in a certain kind of film tailor made for her talents, is shown pushing one of her leading men, a foreign born actor who later found greater fame on TV, in a pool and ripping his pre-Speedo bathing suit off before he hit the water,.

-One of the most preeminent female stars of the lion studio is shown cursing like a truck driver, groping her leading men, and in generally good spirits. Quite the opposite image of the monster she's usually portrayed as.

-This actor who had a long tenure with the studio is shown dressed and made up in redface as a Native American for a scene, and he breaks character using stereotypical black dialect.

-Finally all of the blooper reels end with that blonde sex symbol in one of her most famous roles. Fully nude, she gets out of a barrel she's taking a bath in and yells "This ones for the boys in the editing room!" 

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