Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Other Side Of The World

Just because this blind originates from the other side of the world doesn't lessen its importance, especially when demand is only going to make this kind of thing happen more. I had the opportunity in the past week to have a long online call with the best friend of this now deceased one named foreign born A list singer/actress in her own country. I previously had met our subject several years ago at a music festival.

In the past I have written about stars in this country who are routinely forced to have sex with their managers or agents that is recorded and will be used against them if they attempt to get out of their contracts with the agent or manager. There was an A list actress singer who moved to LA and quit her career just to get out from the constant sexual demands. She was shamed when she first moved here, but the furor quickly died. She had to be willing to give up her career though to make that happen.

The subject of our blind was constantly molested and groped from the time she became a teen. Even though she was in the business prior to that, the molesting started two days after her 13th birthday. By the time she was almost old enough to drive she landed a spot in a group that made her a star. To do that of course, she slept with multiple men who then decided she would be a good fit in the group. One of those men permanently rid himself of a person in his life who was going to call him out on his sexual assaults of underage girls.

The subject of our blind was forced at least once or twice a week to entertain men. She would have to go to dinner or have drinks with men and then have sex with them afterwards. This allowed her to not only thrive in the group she was in, but also to make herself an individual brand. One of her sexual relationships with a man got her a huge break because he owns roughly 7% of a beauty conglomerate. Suddenly she became their spokesperson. Out of the public eye she was having a relationship with another woman and something she was always having to keep hidden because no matter how many executives she was sleeping with, they wouldn't cover for her if that was discovered. All of this hiding and secrecy and being used from the time she was 13 was just too much for her and she took her own life.

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