Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Blind Item #6

This DL pastor of a mega church in the south is having unprotected sex with his desperate ex wife who is on reality tv.  His secret was known back in a previous city where they lived when they were married but she turned a blind eye to everything for MONEY.

Fast forward to the present day . He is well known in the “secret gay community “and the pastor keeps a tight leash on his male sex partners so they won’t go to the media & expose him.  The ex wife is exposing herself again to “incurables” just like when they were in their old city.

Oh yeah, the pastor has a child that’s been recently exposed from another woman that lives in a different state that he’s been sleeping with for almost 13 years. The pastor & ex wife won’t speak on it because it doesn’t fit into their “fake storyline “ .

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