Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind

This rugged, charismatic B list actor gave an interview before he died wherein he expressed surprise that he never advanced into the A list and never won any awards.  He was in scores of movies of all kinds especially a genre that is less popular now. He was in even more TV shows. Two where he played the lead were a law enforcement show with the character’s name in the title which was a spin-off and a show about transport.  He held a degree from a prestigious university which always surprised those who judged him by his rough and tough appearance.

When he was just starting out, an actress on a film he had a bit part on complained to him about being forced to sleep with the producer. The actor, who was a big, strong guy, gave the producer a  black eye. While this didn’t permanently blacklist him, it did lead to some strings being pulled whenever his name came up keeping him out of the really big roles.

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