Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Attempts

Until very recently, this foreign born permanent A+ list model was convinced the two recent attempts on her life were because of her association with the royal pedophile. She thought he was behind them. She knew it wasn't her former Russian oligarch lovers. They wouldn't hire people who would have missed. Plus, she didn't really know anything about them that was worth death.

She believes it was the recently arrested very wealthy Nigerian scammer who was behind it. She slept with him many times and knew about his scamming. She assumes he wanted to keep her quiet so she couldn't testify against him. This is the story she is telling friends. It is all crap, although she gave just the slightest truth nugget. It is because of Nigeria, but it is because of the role she played in helping to traffick those girls who were kidnapped by the warlord in that country. Once a buyer was found, she would often fly with the girls and pretend to be a relative or accompanying them on a modeling job. Apparently with the heat here about her involvement with the billionaire pedophile, she wanted more money or would talk. That is who has been trying to kill her.

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