Friday, July 17, 2020

Four For Friday -

The media tells you this is not really happening, that these are dark fantasies, which exist only in the minds of conspiracy theorists.  The reality is even worse. 

There are people who pay thousands of dollars, all over the world, to watch young children get raped, tortured, and even murdered on internet livestreams. 

The main producer in this global network was previously a man from an English-speaking country, living in a less developed nation in the same part of the world.  Let's call him MP #1.  This is a part of the world where young children in remote, impoverished areas can be acquired cheaply, when measured in Western money, without any questions asked.  MP #1 was captured about 3 years ago.

MP #1 was replaced by a more shadowy, and sophisticated consortium of players, let's call them MP Group.   MP Group exclusively uses cryptocurrency, and for an additional price, will customize the child rape, torture, and murder for individual customers. 

MP Group has generated significantly greater revenues than MP #1.  MP Group can afford many additional measures to conceal themselves, which render them nearly impossible for law enforcement to catch.   

A series of secure but temporary locations for MP Group are set up by an advance team.  Each location is used only one time, for just a couple weeks, before it gets dismantled and moved to the next temporary setup.   Combined with sophisticated encryption and satellite internet transmission, the group has been rendered nearly untraceable. 

A couple small customers, who weren't very careful, were recently caught in a European nation. Their crime? They were arrested for paying Bitcoin to watch murder, torture and sexual abuse of children on livestream.

However, the massive organization behind this remains at large, as do thousands of its customers around the world. 

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