Friday, August 21, 2020

Blind Item #4 - Reader Blind

The alcoholism of this deceased actor, who started off in Old Hollywood in supporting roles in acclaimed films but later was more in B and lower grade movies, everything from westerns to horror films to blaxploitation as well as a popular TV series, was legendary.

Three stories - In the series he was in he was required to do some riding but had to be strapped in with a hidden harness so he would not fall off due to his constant inebriation.

He was in a supporting role in a major production featuring this deceased Oscar nominated A level actor who was very famous for drinking.  The A level actor saw how much this actor drank and was really impressed going so far as to tell his friends (a lot of known heavy drinkers) that this is the biggest drinker he had ever met.

Later in life, he was in a porno film (which he didn't know at the time he took the role). None of the scenes he was in involved sex but one time he passed out on a desk during filming again to due to drunkenness and the director shot several sex scenes around him.

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